Thursday, September 23, 2010

Starting A Blog!

I have wanted to start a blog for a really long time now and I actually started this blog about a year ago, but never got the motivation to ever write anything because I never knew where to start or what I would write about (lets face it no one really thinks their life is really that interesting). So this blog has just been empty for the last year. Haunting my to-do list. But since I don't keep a journal anymore, like I should, and I will be having a baby in three months from today (at least that's what my due dates says, but lets hope she comes earlier), and I want to keep track of all her cuteness and mile stones I thought, what could it hurt to start now and get in the groove of things before she gets here so I will know what I'm doing (plus once the baby comes that will be another excuse not to start). So... here I'm blogging! I mean everyone's doing it! Even if no one reads this and it's just a family journal it will be worth the time and effort. Bare with me as I try to blog about the different adventure and experiences that I have. I do have to warn you if you are going to read my blog please know that English is my very worst subject I don't understand punctuation, and I will use words in places that they don't belong (among countless other things that will bother people that do understand English), so if you are one of those people that lets grammar bother you I would suggest not reading this or reading it while you are biting down on something really hard because I might be painful at times (but please avoid your fist you might make it bleed). Side note: I might not be very good at English but I rock at math we all have our weaknesses. Hopefully despite my English flaws you (whoever you are) will enjoy my blog!