Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tunnel Kisses!

Saturday started with a blanket fort and Disney movies with dad while I went to the gym and just got better from there! 

 We found a new park to try out it isn't as good at our usual park because it's designed for much older kids! Emeri really couldn't do anything without help, but it was still a lot of fun!

 There was a big tunnel slide that we had a lot of fun on Emeri loved going down it with mom and dad! 

 She tried it once by herself but wasn't a fan!  

To finish our fun afternoon off we went to Sonic and got some slushies during happy hour! Yum!  

Emeri being "gangster" with daddy's hat on and her hood over it! 

So... we got this brilliant idea to put Emeri in this bag! I seriously couldn't stop laughing! It was so funny seeing her in the bag with only her little eyes poking out! 

 I still can't help but laugh when I see these pictures! 

I saved the best picture for last! I know I posted a picture of Emeri and Braeden kissing through a tunnel hole a little while ago, but look how stinking cute this picture is... 

... oh I love these two so much! 

Happy Sunday! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun Family Friday!

To get out the house for a bit tonight as a family we decided to go to the Red Mango for some very yummy frozen yogurt! 

I was trying to feed myself and Emeri at the same time! lol 

Emeri feeding herself! She did a surprisingly good job! 

Yay for FUN FAMILY FRIDAY! : ) : ) 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wrinkly Toes!

Emeri wanted to help SO BAD with the dishes today or she might have just wanted her mom's attention because her mom was busy doing the dishes, but either way she got both! : )  I put her up on the counter with her toes in the sink and let her play in the water! She played while I did the dishes, cleaned the rest of the kitchen, picked up the dining/living area, and when I didn't have anything else to do that was close enough to keep an eye on her I then I just sat down at the table with my computer to wait for her to be done! See Emeri woke up this morning with a really bad cough, and a pretty bad runny nose and fever so she wasn't exactly in the best mood, so I figured if she was happy and not grumping at me then I was just going to let her be!
And she had a great time just doing her thing! : ) 

Down to just her diaper because everything was soaked including the kitchen floor! 

She eventually ended up all the way in the sink!   

She played in the sink for 2 HOURS and she had wrinkly toes to prove it!  

(If you look close you can see a grumpy Emeri! She wasn't very happy I was taking pictures of her feet, but I thought they were so cute and wrinkly I just had to!) 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


When Emeri gets out of the bath we give her a "lotion rub down" and she loves it! (Well, really who wouldn't?) It's pretty funny how she lays down, holds really still, and sometimes she even drools for her "massage"! : ) 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ultra Sound Pictures!

(If you click on the picture it makes it bigger!) 

His cute little profile! 

The proof! 
 More proof! 

It amazes me how you can see so much detail in ultra sounds! Check out his spine in this picture! 


Emeri relaxing watching TV! 

She laid like this forever! Does she look very comfy to you? : ) 
(I'm pretty sure she was annoyed I was taking pictures of her!) 

Thanks again Kathy for making the trip to our house just to drop off the pictures! : ) 

Monday, April 23, 2012

1. Concentration 2. Good Naps 3. Baby Boy Clothes!

1. We went and played with Riot and Annie again today! (Like we always do!) While they were playing on the playground Riot and Emeri both had our keys and they were trying to "unlock the playground"! They were sticking the keys in the bolts! 

Look at the look of concentration on their face!  

2. Emeri took an incredible 3 hour nap today! When she takes good naps she wakes up in such a good/silly mode and I love it! I took this video of her today as she was waking up! It's a bit slow in the middle but it's HILARIOUS towards the end so watch the whole thing! 

3. Emeri and I went to Ross to take back some stuff that I decided I didn't need (ironically enough)! While I was there I couldn't help but go look at the baby boy clothes and it was all down hill from there for our bank account! I thought I was excited to have a baby boy after looking at Braeden's baby pictures- Oh No- after looking at all the cute little baby boy clothes I'm 10 times more excited! Here are some of the things I just had to have:

9 onesies 2 outfits and a pair of jammies for $40 bucks! I love Ross! 

I Dig Daddy! 

I love the car on the bum!  

And this one's my favorite! This is what started my shopping spree! 

While we were shopping I kept asking Emeri if she liked the different things for her little brother and she would sign baby and tell me yes! It was so cute! She is going to be such a good big sister! I just know it! 
Buying baby boy clothes just makes things that much more real! Babies are so exciting! : ) 

P.S. If you know of anyone getting rid of or selling boy clothes let me know! The only clothes we have are the ones I bought today so anything will help! : ) 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Can Hardly Wait!

We forgot our ultra sound pictures down at Kathy's on Friday so I can't put them up here yet! : ( I'm totally bummed about that, but I will put them up as soon as I make it to her house or she makes it to mine! : ) We got some pretty good profile shots so you can see his little face pretty well! I'm hoping he will look something like this once he gets here...

(These are some of Braeden's baby pictures!)

Love his big smile! : ) 

I think Emeir gets her curly hair from dad! What do you think?

Isn't he the cutest? : ) I sure think so! 

I have been surprisingly nervous since I found out we were having a little boy! I don't really know why, maybe because I thought I was having a girl and I was a little taken back by finding out it was a boy, but the same thing happened with Emeri! I don't know? Anyway, after looking through Braeden's baby pictures I can't help but be overwhelmed with EXCITEMENT! My nerves are disappearing and I'm getting into little boy mode! I'm so excited to have a little man around the house someone to watch all the Jazz games with daddy, or I should say someone to watch and care about the Jazz games with daddy? hahaha! : )  Oh and I can't even tell you how excited I am  to buy little boy church clothes I'm a sucker for little suits and ties! : ) He is going to be the best dressed little man at church! : ) 

Bring on the little BOY! I'm so excited! : ) 

Oh and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post this GEM of a picture I found of Kathy and Braeden! Isn't this the cutest picture of Braeden... and Kathy? : ) HEHEHEHE! Kathy I love you and I only tease you because I love you SO much! : )  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Boy or Girl??? : )

ITS A... BOY!!

The votes were majority girl, but IT'S A BOY! We are so excited to have one of each! : ) And excited because we already have a name picked out for a boy and we don't have  to figure out a girl name! Naming Emeri was the hardest thing ever! : )
So even though I'm only 14 1/2 weeks along and our next doctors appointment isn't until May 1st we were able to find out today because we have the hook-ups at an OB office! Kathy (Braeden's Mom) works at an office so we always get to go in early and find out what we are having! Plus the ulta sound tech at her office is the bomb dot com and is a pro at finding out the gender of babies!   
I'll write more later I have a date to go on but I wanted to update you all!! :)
(This picture is terrible because it's a picture of a picture I will scan in the rest of the pictures when I get home!)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Splashing in Puddles Then Off to the Doctors!

We went outside today just to play on the playground and try out our new sidewalk chalk, but while we were out there the maintenance guy came over to warn us he was turning on the sprinklers and we might get wet if we stay on the sidewalk so we moved over to the playground! The sprinklers were on for maybe 2 minutes while he tested them, but that was just enough time to create some fantastic puddles for the kids to splash in! There was no holding them back! 

Playing with the sprinkler!

You can see the water droplets on her face from the sprinkler splashing her! (She actually smiled for me it's a miracle!) 

 Splashing in the puddle!

Riot! How cute is he?

 Emeri almost knee deep in the water! She was having fun despite the look no her face!

Taking full advantage of the small window available that you get to bathe with your friends, after getting all muddy!
I'm not sure what is going on in the picture but they both look like they are looking at a ghost! hahaha!
This is bath 2 of 3 for the day! She took one this morning with me, this one in the afternoon and then another one after coming home from the doctors and being all sticky from the suckers they gave her! It's a good thing she likes baths! 


Emeri got her arm tugged a little to hard while playing with mom and dad to the point that she wouldn't use her arm AT ALL and she would cry any time we touched it! So we decided to take her in and get it looked at thinking something might be broken or dislocated! They took x-rays of her arm to see what was going on and since I'm pregnant Braeden had to be the one to go in! I'm not sure what they were doing to her in the x-ray room, but she was screaming bloody murder! : ( Poor thing! The x-rays came back and everything looked good according to the doctor they are still going to have a radiologist look at them tomorrow! Thank goodness! They said just give her some Tylenol and see if by tomorrow morning it's feeling better and if not bring her back in for some more tests! She still isn't using it all the way but more than she was so I think she will be fine! I'm glad it was nothing too serious! 
(Yeah! So! We might be a little bit over paranoid!)  : ) 

Emeri watching UP with dad in the little kiddy nook! 

A sucker in each hand was the only thing keeping her happy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Best Entertainment Ever! Who Knew?

I went to my older sisters today to watch her 3 youngest kiddos while she went and co-oped in her oldest's classroom! Well when I got there this morning there were utility workers just getting there as well to fix a broken pipe in their front yard! All the kids thought it was the COOLEST thing to watch the utility workers at work! 

So entertained! My favorite quote from the kiddos "Mom, they got a shovel out!" : ) 
(Yes that is Santa on Emeri's bum! She is wearing her Christmas Jammies in April!)

 From the workers point of view! How cute are they? : ) 

I think they would have stood there all day watching them work if they didn't have to go to school! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We Have an Artist on Our Hands!

Since it was rainy outside today Emeri and I stayed inside in our pajamas all day! (It's nice to have an excuse for a pajama day every once and a while! I think I might find an excuse too often though : ) !) But just because we were inside doesn't mean we didn't have a fun day! WE DID FINGER PAINTING! Emeri LOVED it! 

It started out a little something like this...

 Then she discovered she liked painting on herself... 

She also tried eating it, but discovered very quickly that wasn't a very good idea...

 Then she rubbed her eye and got paint all over her face...

And it ended a little something like this... 

Once I decided it was time to clean up because she was dumping the paint out of the bottle instead of getting it out with her fingers (I was afraid it was going to end up on the carpet and I didn't want to find out how "easy" washable paint is to get out!)  she through a fit! She painted for a good hour and a half, but she was not ready to be done! 

We will have to do more finger painting soon because we have an artist on our hands! 

Here are a few of her creations!