Saturday, March 26, 2011

Catching Up!

Ok, so it's about time that I try and play catch up on this blog before I get too far behind! I think I will start with the ACCOMPLISHMENTS we had during 2010 and go from there!!

We started off the year with the goal to run a half marathon, so along with school (student TEACHING for me) and work we through in going to the gym every night! Easier said then done especially with the demands of student teaching.

In March we took a little break to celebrate our FIRST ANNIVERSARY we took the weekend off of everything and just enjoyed celebrating the LOVE we have for one another. It was nice forgetting about school and work or a couple days and just enjoying spending time together!

So from January to April not much happened but work, school, and running. But in April we did FINISH our first (and according to Braeden last) half marathon!  Braeden was a trooper and stayed with me the whole time even though he could have taken off and left me in his dust! It was nice setting this GOAL together and finishing it TOGETHER!

Before we started our journey!

Almost at the finish line!

In April I also got to walk across a stage and get a piece of paper to say "I worked really hard for 4 years and now I can teach little kids!" AKA I graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelors of Science DEGREE in Elementary Education specializing in MATH!

I'm one of those people walking across the stage!! 

Braeden and I! I think we are equally happy that I'm finally done with school

April was a really big month for us last year! Braeden started his NEW job at MarketStar working as an account manager for Logitech managing all the accounts in Canada and speaking French (so appropriate for him)! Three days after Braeden started his new job we found out we were EXPECTING our little Bean! We were so excited I was pregnant and that we were going to be PARENTS!

Our little Bean aka Emeri at 9 weeks! The first time we heard her HEART beat! 

In May Braeden and I both celebrated our Birthdays! On May 17th I turned 22 and on the 21st Braeden turned 23! I know I know... We are getting OLD! : ) We didn't do much for our Birthdays, but whatever we did I'm sure it was fun! (I don't remember what we did and neither does Braeden so it must of been TONS of fun! )

In July we learned we were having a GIRL! We both "knew" we were going to have a boy and when the ultra sound tech told us it was a girl we were speechless not because we were disappointed, but because we were so surprised!  Here's a little secret... after I found out we were having a girl I felt bad for everyone that was having a boy because girls are so much more exciting!! At least I think so!!


In July we also got the opportunity to go on a Cruise. We thought we should go on a really fun vacation before out little bean got here and CHANGED everything about our lives! So we booked a 6 day Caribbean cruise that went to Key West, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica. It was so much FUN!

Relaxing and watching the sun set on the ship!

All dressed up for formal night on the ship!

In Key West we went Kayaking in the mangroves!

Look how cool it was!

Sipping a COLD beverage in Key West after a HOT day of kayaking on the Atlantic Ocean! 

RELAXING on a catamaran! On our way to the Sand Bar to see some STINGRAYS in Grand Cayman!

Braeden holding a stingray! This picture makes me laugh!! : ) 

 They swam all around us! 

 They told us that if we KISS the stingrays you get 7 years good LUCK! I don't know if it's true but they got everyone to kiss the slimy things!  

It's hard to SMILE with snorkel gear on!!

 In Jamaica we went to the Dunn River Falls and hiked up the waterfall! 

On the BEACH in Jamaica! 

All WET after climbing the falls! 

At the end of July we also accomplished our first TRIATHLON! I was 20 weeks pregnant so I only did the mini sprint, but Braeden did the whole SPRINT which was twice as long! We didn't get any pictures, but it was, once again, another goal we finished did together! : )
In August we went camping with Braeden's mom's ward and Alex (my older sister came along with here 3 kiddos) Here's a couple pictures of Alex's kids on the camp out! They loved the smores and the swings!!  

In August I also started watching Alex's two youngest kids on Fridays so she could go co-op at her oldest's school! I loved going down there every week and playing/spoiling her kids! I was bummed when I had to stop going down there because I was very pregnant and had to get everything ready for Emeri to come! Here are some pictures of our fun play dates!!

She wouldn't let anyone else do her hair but me! : )

By September my belly was getting pretty BIG and I was loving it! I really loved being pregnant there was nothing bad about it for me! I tell people all the time that if I could just be pregnant all the time I would be I LOVED it that much! 

6 months pregers! 

One tradition my family does is carve pumpkins in October for Halloween. This is a tradition I want to do with my kids too so ever since Braeden and I have been married (thats only 2 halloweens) we have carved PUMPKINS. Usually Braeden doesn't really care for stuff like this, so he flatters me and does it anyway (true love), but this year he was a really good sport and went all out on his pumpkin! Check out this Yoda... oh and don't forget to look at my pumpkin too!!! 


COOL but definitely not at cool as Braedens! 

In October we also took advantage of the fall colors and went to get prego pictures taken by Carrie (Braeden's little brother's girlfriend) and she did a wonderful job! Here are some of our favorites! 

 This ones a couple weeks after the other ones when we went to do family pictures with Kathy.

In November we moved from Ogden to LAYTON and we love our new apartment! It's a huge upgrade from our old place and we love our new ward, which is a huge plus! While we were packing to move we found some footy pajamas, so we thought we would take a break for a second to see if we could get them to stretch over my big belly! Check this picture out... :)

The GRAND FINALE to our year was welcoming EMERI to our family! She was born DECEMBER 10, 2010 at 8:59 am. She weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 19 1/2 inches long not to mention she is the CUTEST thing we have ever seen! The whole labor process went really well. There were no complications for me or Emeri! We were so blessed to have everything go so well! We had a good friend at the hospital that wrote our birth story I'll have to post that on here some time! But I'll tell you the best right now... Braeden passed OUT shortly after he CUT the umbilical cord! : ) Heres some pictures of her first couple weeks! There's kind of a lot but I couldn't narrow it down any more she's just too cute! 

Just a few moments old!

So sleepy! 

Ready to go home!

Emeri was due on the 23rd of December so we weren't sure where we were going to be on Christmas but since she came 2 weeks early we got to spend Christmas with our families! It was a great Christmas! : )

Christmas morning in our Christmas pajamas! 

And that's our 2010 year all WRAPPED up in one very long blog post! At least I'm well on my way to catching up with all the blogging I've neglected! I hope you enjoy this post and you continue enjoying our family blog! 
LOVE, the JENSENs : )