Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Look at this cute curly MOHAWK! : ) 

Just Taking a Dip

One of our many trips to the pool! 

All ready to go swimming!

Emeri riding her noodle like a horse! 
She kept saying "YeeHaw" but it was more like "NeeAw"! : ) 

Stick out your tongue! 

Cuddled up to dad to get warm!

We LOVE that our pool is open now! 

Monday, July 30, 2012


Emeri loves fruit! She would only eat fruit and be perfectly happy (if I let her)! : )
Tonight we had cherries for dessert with dinner and she really enjoyed herself! ... hahaha

Cherry Juice EVERYWHERE! 

Two at a time! 
Grumpy face for Uncle Jon!

Emeri was showing me how messy her hands were and I just happened to take the picture when one of her eyes was crossed!

It reminds me of this picture of her when she was only a month old...

and this picture of her around Christmas time last year! 

Oh I love her and her crossed eyes! : ) 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

STUD- Braeden's Triathlon

Braeden did a triathlon yesterday and did wonderful! 
He seriously killed it! 
He did have some issues with his bike which is always frustrating because it's out of your control, but other than that he did great and shaved 12 minutes off his previous time! 

The Layton Triathlon is a bit different then most because you do everything twice! So you swim, bike, run and then swim, bike, run again! They call it the Recycle triathlon!

Braeden's friend from high school Matt came up and did it with him! 
This is the two of them before the race! Do they look ready?

Waiting his turn to get in the pool

And it starts...

Such a STUD : ) 

Trying to fix the bike for ride # 2


Here he comes




The Cheering Section:

Kathy and Emeri waiting for Braeden to come in

Dancing for Daddy

Braeden's biggest fan!


Braeden did so well! I was proud of him for pushing himself so hard and finding the time in his busy schedule to train! 
I just really wish I was doing it right there with him!
I did do it 2 years ago while I was pregnant with Emeri but I was only 20 weeks along with her and there is a huge difference between 20 weeks pregnant and 29 weeks pregnant!

Our future Triathlete 
(I can't get enough of the look on Emeri's face in this picture!)

Emeri and I were getting ready to go swimming and Emeri found Braeden's helmet from his race earlier in the day and wanted wear it around the house in her swim suite!
How appropriate!  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bucket Head

Emeri and Riot were playing outside this afternoon with Emeri's water table! 
They were having a grand ol' time getting soaked and at one point when we looked outside this is what we saw! ...

Emeri sitting in the cooler with her bucket on her head! 
She's such a silly girl! 

Silly moment #2 of many for the day:

Braeden put this picture on Facebook, but I couldn't resist I had to put it on here as well! 
Emeri with the Mr. Potato Head glasses aka eyes on! 

28 Weeks

We had our 28 week doctors appointment on Tuesday!  
Our little man couldn't be better! 
Everything looks great and he wouldn't hold still for the ultra sound! : ) He's a mover! 

We were in the room with the old ultra sound machine so we didn't get any 4D images, but we did get this cute little profile of our handsome boy! 

I can't believe I'm in my third trimester, with this little man, already! 
This pregnancy is flying by! 
Because it was my 28 week appointment I had to do my glucose test! Which means I had to fast for 2 hours then drink a nasty drink and get my blood drawn! Not my favorite thing! I had a really hard time choking down that nasty drink!

After they drew my blood I didn't think much about it because I didn't have any complications with Emeri however... 
I got a call from the doctors office the next day saying my blood sugar was really high, so I have to go in again and do some more testing to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes! : ( 
I really hope it was a fluke and I don't have gestational diabetes, not that it's a huge complication, but I just don't want to worry about it! I would rather have ZERO complications no matter how big or small and I read that it can cause problems for your kiddo in the future! : ( (not ok with me!)
 I go in on Tuesday to do more testing I pray everything comes back normal! 

Other than that, minor bump in the road, everything is still going great with this pregnancy! 

  • I know I say this a lot, but this baby moves A LOT! 
  • He weighs 3lbs 1oz 
  • He doesn't like it when I rest my computer on my tummy he always tries to kick it off!
  • I have pregnancy brain bad this go around! I didn't experience anything like this with Emeri and I thought women use being pregnant as an excuse to not remembering thing, but it is a very real thing! I can't remember anything including my name sometimes! It's very frustrating to me!
  • Every time Braeden puts his hand on my tummy he starts doing flips!
  • Braeden is so excited for this little man to get here! He wants him to hurry up, but I feel like I'm not quite as ready as I thought I was! 
  • I am nervous to have two, but Braeden's excitement makes me more excited!
  • I'm still going to the gym often, but it's getting harder and harder every time I go! My hips don't appreciate it very much!
  • Emeri has started saying little man's name and it's the cutest thing!
  • I have been getting a lot tension headaches, but I have a magic pill that makes them go way quickly!
  • I love having and excuse to go shopping! (We need more baby boy clothes!)
  • When I'm pregnant I feel so beautiful!


I can't believe that he is going to be here in 10-12ish weeks! 
I have so much I need to get done before out little man gets here!
Let the nesting begin! 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1 Down 5 To Go

Braeden finished his first semester of graduate school last night! 
He turned in his last assignment for about a month! 
This means we get to see more of him and have a little summer fun before fall semester starts! 
He is working so hard and working up to his potential! It's not easy to do your best work instead of what you need to do to just get by and get the grade! I'm so proud of him and the hard worker that he is! 

When Braeden finally hit SUBMIT last night and closed his computer he came and sat next to me, so I tried to get him to smile for a picture so I could capture his joy of being done for awhile, but he refused! : ) 
Here are the pictures I got of him! 

Next time, hopefully, he will just look at me and smile so he doesn't look like a fool! : ) hahaha
(I told you I would put these on here!): ) hehe

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Puddle Jumper

I went swimming with two of my friends from high school (Kacey and Amy) and their little boys (Cooper and Emmitt) a while ago and they had these really cool things on called Puddle Jumpers that allowed their little ones to do their own thing in the water!
Total freedom! 
I looked everywhere so I could get one for Emeri because, as you all know, she is one that wants to do her own thing, but couldn't find one anywhere! 
I gave up until... I went to Colorado last week and they had one at Walmart! 
I took advantage of the small town of Rifle Colorado and bought one! : )

Emeri and I went swimming yesterday since our apartment pool finally opened again while we were gone and took her Puddle Jumper with us! 

She thought it was really neat at first, but then realized that mom wasn't hanging on to her and kind of freaked out! This picture is right between the "this is cool" and the "mom isn't holding on to me anymore" her smile is fading! : ) 

We took off the Puddle Jumper and Emeri found my keys! Nothing has ever kept her so entertained at the pool before! She loved "fishing" with mom's keys! 


After a while of "fishing" I put it back on Emeri and she started warming up to the idea of not hanging on to mom when she couldn't touch and her smile came back!

Look at this happy girl! 


I love going swimming with my girl! 
Thank goodness our pool is open again! Now we can go swimming almost everyday like we were planning! : ) 

(We found these sunglasses at the mall later on in the day and I had to share this picture!) : ) : ) : )