Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Have You Been Wondering What Has Been Going On Around Here??

This blog has been getting neglected!
 Not on purpose of course, but just because there has been so much going on around here! And to be honest all my energy and brain power has been focused on one thing! One pretty big thing, but one thing! A new job for Braeden which would mean moving our family if he got it and accepted it! It's been a long 2 months since we first considered it (They reached out to him he didn't even have to apply! Kind of nice and convenient!) to deciding if we wanted to take the offer and make a leap of faith! 
After many prayers, and running every scenario over and over through our heads we have decided that taking the job and moving would be the best thing for our little family and we are excited for the new adventure ahead!
 BUT with that being said I'm sure this blog isn't going to be feeling much love in the next month or two with us moving! 

However, now that we have made the final decision I feel like I can focus long enough to blog! (I'm I the only one that can't sit down and concentrate on one thing (like this blog) when you have big decision to make??) SO here's what has been going on around here!

There's really no explanation for this picture!

Playing in the mud at the playground in her dress! I had to wash her dress a couple times and soak it in Oxyclean, but I did end up getting all the mud out! 

Napping with Dad!

Making princess crowns!

Mommy Daughter dates! We went to Despicable Me 2, then headed over to the mall did some shopping, and played in the play area there! 

Braeden had to take an over night trip for his final interview for this new job so Emeri snuggled me that night! This was the first time since she was 3 months old that she slept in our bed! I'm not going to lie I kind of loved it! Braeden will have to travel a bit with his new job so she will definitely be sleeping with me when he's gone! : ) 

Flowers from Braeden to tell us he missed us while he was gone! : ) 

Dressing up like cows to get a free meal at Chick-fil-a! MOOO! 

Kyler helping me get ready for my primary lesson!
He's a really good helper! 

Eatting pizza with Cooper and Emmett and Cooper's 3rd birthday party! 
I can't believe all these kiddos will be three sooner than later! 

Kyler got a taste of his first sucker! 
Talk about sticky mess EVERYWHERE! 

After along day at the park and swimming Emeri passed out mid chew while eating her dinner! 
Yes she was eating minnie wheats for dinner in a cup on the sofa while I nursed Kyler and got him ready for bed! Sometimes dinner around here is that great when we have had a fun filled crazy day! 

Once again Emeri passed out after playing hard at Grandpa Brad's and Grandma Val's house! 
Braeden would also like me to note that he is eating with his left hand! True talent right there! : ) 

Kyler just being adorable!

7-peaks Provo with my family! 
We had a really good time! 

Kyler say "cheese!"

This boy is now crawling all over the place! The day after I did his nine month post he started crawling! 
I know you are all dying to know what finally made him crawl right?? It was a football! A little orange football! 

I can't get enough of this boy and his cuteness! 
BTW that necklace he has on is a Baltic Amber necklace! It helps with teething pain and other stuff it's just not a fashion statement just so you all know! : ) And yes we have found that it does in fact make a difference! 

The 24th of July (Pioneer Day)! 
We had a BBQ at Kathy's house with the family and did some little fireworks! 
Emeri did sparklers for the first time and loved them! 

Kyler found himself a football so he was in heaven!
He also loved the fireworks! He clapped for each and everyone! 

Getting Uncle Denver!

Watching the extraordinalry firework show! 
(Yes Toren I love your face in this picture!)

Kyler is growing up way too fast!
He loves his little finger foods and would much rather feed himself then have mom or dad feed him baby food!

While he sits in his highchair he always has his little toes on the edge of his tray and I think it is adorable! Emeri did the same thing when she was little too! 

So that's what has been going on around here! Exciting right?? : ) 
Well, I hoped you enjoyed the brief update! 
And I hope I can blog again soon, but I just don't know how it's all going to workout with everything else we have going on around here right now!
Wish us luck! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Farmer's Market 2013

We love the SLC Farmers Market! We make our way down to it at least once a year! This year we went the first weekend in July! It was a perfect day! There was cloud cover so it didn't feel like your were melting! We felt like we could stay as long as we wanted, look at all the unique creations, and sample all the produce without having to worry about getting heat stroke! 
We made our rounds around the fun merchandise and then made a couple rounds through the food! We wanted everything so we had to walk by everything a could times before we made our final picks! 
We left with some local honey (we are saving this for allergy season a teaspoon of local honey every morning with make this next spring/early summer more bearable!), fresh bread, and some yummy cherries! 
We could have gone crazy and left with much more, but we narrowed it down to those three!

Emeri and the Owl staring each other down!
Which one would you be more intimidated by????

 Emeri admiring the turkey! 
Emeri has a thing aboutt turkeys! It's strange! 

Kyler and Mom hanging out!

Taking a break! Playing in the grass!

I thought it was a good idea to lay down and take a picture! This is what Kyler thought of the whole thing! 

And this was the family picture I got! Hahahahaha! Apparently it's still bright out even with excellent cloud cover!
This is pretty much the best family picture EVER! 

Love this boy, his cheekies, and his dirty looks!

Good times! 
You should go check it out if you haven't already!

Friday, July 12, 2013

One Tough Cookie!

Kyler's latest... 

Not crawling...
But he's really really close!
(I'm not sure what I'm going to do once he starts it's impossible to keep all the little things of the ground with Emeri around! Oh heck! My house is never clean I can't put all the blame on Emeri!: ) )

Loves trying new food!
He has started eating some table food!
(I think he's tried of baby food he would rather have everything we are eating!)

Is still a huge mama's boy I mean HUGE! (I love it... sometimes! Sometimes it's really hard to be the only one he wants!) 
He stretches his arms above his head to do "so big" (This is my favorite!)

Shakes his head "No!" to play and to tell you he's finished eating
He loves clapping for everything! 
He just started shaking his "Yes!" 

We have been working on signing milk, more, all done (he does pretty well with this one), and dog!
His milk allergy hasn't been bothering him much lately! (Halle-freaking-lujah : ) )

He has pulled himself up on furniture a couple times
He loves dancing!
He poops like a boss! : ) 

His hair is coming in a ton right now! I have already given him two little trims! 
He has a lot of red/orange in his hair right now, but I think he's going to end up being a blondy like his sister! 

He loves to be outside!
He doesn't sleep all the way through the night... but he does go 8 hours before wanting to eat!

His sister still can make him laugh better than anyone else! Braeden and I both get tummy aches from laughing so hard at them while they are playing! It's so funny!
(Another good blackmail photo)

He gives the best snuggles! 
He's a huge flirt! 

I love the little person he is becoming! 

Here's the stats from his appointment:
Height 28 1/2 inches 60th percentile
Weight 18 1/2 pounds 20th percentile
Head 18 inches 70th percentile
BMI 16th percentile 
In conclusion he's thinning out, his height is a little bit above average, and he has a huge head! : )     

Oh and he got one shot at this appointment and there were no tears, not even a whimper! 
He's one tough cookie!