Thursday, November 3, 2011


This Halloween was so much fun! Braeden and I actually dressed up! We can be party poopers when it comes to these kind of things, but having kids changes everything including putting all the fun back into little things like dressing up on Halloween! : ) At Braeden's work they do a Halloween party instead of a Christmas one because it's an easier time of year to do a huge party!? The funny part is they do a Halloween party every year and this was the first time Braeden had even mentioned it to me! I guess last year he didn't want to go so he didn't even ask if I wanted too! HAHA! But like I said having kids changes everything including Braeden wanting to go to work parties now, so he can show off his cute baby in her cute duck costume! : ) 

We bought Emeri's costume in August I think! (I was excited to dress her up!) Once we had her costume I got the idea that we should all be farm animals! I mentioned it to Braeden and suggested he should be a COW and I would be a sheep half joking... he agreed! I was a pretty surprised to be honest I never thought Braeden would agree to dress up like a cow, but since he agreed I got to work! I found a white sweat shirt, glued some felt cow spots on it, and made him a head band with cow ears and horns! For my costume I got a white t-shirt and hot glued cotton balls (6 bags of cotton balls) all over it and made a head band with sheep ears on it as well! As you can tell they were both very simple and easy to make and it's fun to say "I made this"! : )
At Braeden's work party we even won one of the family halloween costume prizes ($25 bucks to Target) ! AWESOME! : ) 

On actual Halloween we went to the trunk-or-treat our ward was putting on with Kathy and Toren! Going along with the farm animal theme Kathy dressed up as a Farmer so we looked pretty cute all together! (Toren didn't dress up! Party pooper!) We got a good amount of candy, and lets be honest the candy wasn't for Emeri it was for Braeden and I! : ) Braeden told me the other day that the only reason he wanted to have kids was so he could go trick-or treating again, so it's a good thing we used Emeri to her full potential and got some candy for Daddy! : ) (Silly candy loving boy!) After trunk-or-treating we came back to our apartment, put Emeri to bed, and we all watched an episode of The Walking Dead while we had some smoothies! 

The farmer and her farm animals!

Grandma and Emeri! : ) 

Every time anyone put candy in Emeri's bag she had to see what she got! It was really cute! : ) 

It was a great Halloween night! : ) 

Here are some more darling pictures of Emeri in her costume!LOVE HER!  

oh and one more thing! Her costume has a duck tail so when she crawls it waddles back and forth! SO CUTE! 

We hope everyone else had a safe fun Halloween!