Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pool Side Buddies

We took full advantage of the fact that our pool is now open today! 
I know I have said this before, but I'm going to say it again ... Emeri LOVES the water! Her and I were jumping in the pool together today so we would both go all the way under and she loved it! She kept asking to do it again and again! Not very many kids her age don't mind going under the water or at least don't ask to do it over and over! 

Look at how cute these two are... just hanging out on the side of the pool! 

Oh Emeri and her cheese face! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pony Beads and Pipe Cleaners

I decided last night that today was going to be a no TV day! I wasn't going to turn on the TV to watch my shows and we weren't going to turn on the TV to watch Emeri's shows either! We were just going to play without the distraction of the TV in the background! It was a success! We didn't turn on the TV at all we just played all day will Pony Beads and Pipe Cleaners! Did you know such simple things could keep a mom and daughter entertained all day? : )

We made a "magnet pipe cleaner container thing" where you cut up the pipe cleaners, put them in a plastic container and then since the pipe cleaners have metal in them they stick to the magnet! Emeri loved playing with it and loved helping me get all the pipe cleaner pieces into the container! I also poked a hole in the top so she could stick the pipe cleaners in there as well! It kept here entertained for while!
The pipe cleaners stuck to the magnet! 

Sticking them in the hole on top

Then we got out the Pony Beads and made jewelry! Pipe cleaners are perfect for little fingers to put beads on because they don't move like string! Emeri did put some beads on, but her favorite part was taking all the beads off once mom got them on! : ) We will be finding pony beads around the house for weeks now!
Wearing all the fun stuff we made! lol

Taking apart all the fun stuff we made!

Then Emeri helped me make bugs to play with! She loved running away from me as I was trying to get her with them especially the spider! : )

We had a great day together just playing! It was the kind of day I needed so I could recover from the kind of day I had yesterday! : )

By the way... we did do other things during the day! : ) We played with Emeri's buddy in the morning, went grocery shopping in the afternoon, and went swimming with Braeden in the evening! We just played with pipe cleaners and pony beads when we would usually turn on the TV because we didn't have anything else keeping us busy! Honestly I'm not sure how much more creative I could have gotten I was running out of ideas by the end of the day, but we did have fun! If you have never had a no TV day I would suggest doing it we will be doing it more often!!

Side note: I have to share these pictures because they crack me up! Look at he position Emeri got herself into at the grocery store today! ... She was just relaxing at first and then realized she was stuck and kind of starting freaking out! hahaha! 


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One of "Those" Kind of Days

Today was a whole bunch of good and a bunch of bad making it one of "those" kind of days! It started out great I woke up feeling a million times better then I did yesterday and Emeri slept in until 8:30 so that meant I got to sleep in too! : ) (It was a good thing Braeden had the day off yesterday because I was sick all day and he stepped up to take care of Emeri while I laid in bed! So much for a long weekend!) We got ready and headed to the doctors office to see our little man for our 20 week appointment! : ) Our appointment was at 10:30 and they said we wouldn't get in until 11:30 so Emeri and I ran an errand for that hour and on the way back I got into a fender bender! : ( It was all my fault I thought the girl had turned right, but she hadn't yet and I was looking to the left to see if I could go and rolled into her! My foot wasn't even on the gas pedal so it was just a little tap, but since she was driving her mom and step dad's car she called the cops! I don't blame her, but when the cop showed up he was a bit confused because the only damage was a tiny scratch from the screw on my license plate! : ( I hope it's not worth the trouble for them to file a claim with my insurance over a little scratch, but we will see what happens! : ( After all that drama we finally got into the doctors, but had to wait another hour once we got into the exam room! : ( Once it was finally our turn we got to see our little man! : ) He looks great! He is growing like a champ and it's so good to see him and know he is doing good especially after getting in a little car accident! I couldn't help but be a little worried, even though it was a little bump, that something could be wrong with little man but he is A-OK! : ) We got lots of pictures this time and the doctor doubled checked for Braeden and made sure he is definitely a boy! He was questioning the boy verdict so it was nice to get some confirmation this go around! : ) We didn't get out of the doctors until 1:30! That's a 3 hours from start to finish which makes for a long day with everything that happened and it being Emeri's nap time around 11! When we got home Emeri went down for her nap and I took a nap at the same time! : ) I woke up not feeling so hot again and I think Emeri could tell because she came and insisted on sitting on my lap (she pushed my laptop off my lap to sit on me!:)) and gave me snuggles for a good half hour! : ) Emeri snuggles always make me feel better! She's the best! : ) As you can tell it was one of "those" kind of days with the good and the bad making it a very long day!... I'm glad it's almost time for bed and I can start over tomorrow! 

Here are the pictures we got today of our little man! 

He was tucked up in a little ball the whole time! Silly boy!

Confirmation that it's a boy!

I love seeing his little face! He's so darn cute!  

We have another appointment in 2 weeks and I'm so excited even though I got to see him just today! : ) 

Thanks for letting me vent! : ) 
Here's to a better day tomorrow!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun Weekend... So Far!

Saturday May 26th,
Braeden and Emeri headed down to his mom's on Saturday to help fix sprinklers while I went and got a full body massage! That doesn't quite sound fair does it?? : ) Well see... Braeden got me a massage for Christmas and I needed to use it before my belly got too big and I couldn't lay on it anymore! It just so happened to land on the same day he needed to help his mom so Emeri just tagged along with Dad! On Saturday it was also very rainy and cold outside and I didn't dress Emeri accordingly because I had no idea it was going to be so cold! Thank goodness Aunt Carrie was there to bundle up Emeri so she could swing while everyone worked! Look how cute and happy she is all bundled up on the swing! : )

Thanks Carrie and Kathy for watching Emeri while I got pampered! : ) And thanks Braeden for the massage it was fantastic! 

Sunday May 27th,
Check out these other cute pictures of Emeri from today! Braeden was running around with Emeri on his shoulders and they were "getting me"! Emeri was having a great time bouncing around and giggling on dad's shoulders! 

We have had a great weekend so far... I LOVE LONG WEEKENDS! I hope you all are enjoying your long weekend as well! : ) 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Like Aunt Jill

My little sister Jill sings 24/7! Her life is pretty much a musical because she makes it that way! All of her singing drove me CRAZY when we where younger! I remember having to walk away or yelling at her to stop because I just couldn't take it anymore! Here's a prime example, she is currently on a LDS mission right now in San Jose California and just got transfered to a new area! While her and her new companion were shopping in a new grocery store that they weren't very familiar with she couldn't find the Honey Nut Cheerios, she said without even realizing it she had made up a song to the tune "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" (one of the LDS hymns) about finding her "Beloved Honey Nut Cheerios"! This tune did turn into a missionary opportunity because one of the workers asked her what she was on and if she could have any and Jill or Sister Cannaday got to share with her how happy the gospel makes her all the time! (If you want to read more about her mission go here it as all her emails!) Hahaha! Typical Jillian! I have come to love her even more because she sings so much! It still drives me a bit bonkers sometimes, but I wouldn't trade her in for any other sister! She's the best! : ) ... 
While we were on our walk this morning Emeri was singing up a storm and I couldn't help but think how it reminded me of my sister Jill and all the singing she does! (Singing is also Emeri's new favorite pastime while we are in the car!) : ) 

Here is a little video clip I got of her on our walk! Keep in mind we were walking and I didn't want to make it too obvious I was taking a video because she would have stopped, so it's a bit bumpy! : ) 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was going through some pictures of Emeri from May 2011 and I couldn't believe how much she has changed in this short year! TIME seriously FLIES and babies grow up way too fast! I miss her bald head and chubby checks! : ) 
Here are some of the cute/silly pictures I found! 
(5 months old)
 Chewing on her crib
Balancing trick!
 Passes out!

Posing for the camera! 

Oh how I love this girl! : ) And can I just say that I'm excited for this new baby to get here so I can have a baby again?  Emeri is definitely not a baby anymore and I'm craving baby chubby checks to kiss! : ) 

NOTE TO SELF: Cherish every second of every day! Kids grow up WAY TOO FAST!  : ) 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Her way or the...

Here is a perfect example of how Emeri has to do everything her own way lately!
Emeri and I went on a walk to get some fresh air! We took her stroller out too so she could push it around, but this is what she wanted to do with it instead...

It makes a lot of sense to carry the stroller like that instead of pushing it right?? Not! : )
 I tried to help her get it up right so she could push it, but once again her new favorite word was yelled at me everytime I touched it! NOOOO...!
Honestly it's just been, like, the last 4 days that she has become this stinker and had to do everything her own way, but I can't blame her for becoming her own person and wanting to do things her way! I just hope we can find a nicer way to communicate so there is less of the word NOOOO getting yelled at me! : )
I love this girly even when she is a stinker! : )

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Braeden's Birthday!

Braeden's Birthday was yesterday! At his job he gets his birthday off! YAY! : ) We took full advantage of his birthday and day off! 
We started the day off right with a super yummy breakfast made by yours truly! : ) Waffles, eggs, and fruit! 
The two things Emeri ate at breakfast were the strawberries and the syrup from her waffles! This is a picture of her licking the syrup off the bottom of her cup!  

We then headed to the duck park with Annie and Riot! We call it the duck park but there are tons of other birds there as well like geese, seagulls, and I think there might have been some swans there yesterday too, but I'm not sure??  We feed the birds and played on the playground for hours! 
The birds are definitely not shy they came right up to us!

The geese even ate the bread right out of our hands!

Baby ducks!
(Braeden actually wasn't there for the bird feeding part because he had a doctors appointment that we remembered at the very last minute, so he just met us at the playground!) 

Emeri on a big kid swing! She was a pro at it and she didn't want to get down! We had to force her to get down and play on the other parts of the playground 

When Braeden got there they ran into each others arms! Emeri was so excited to see her dad! It was way too cute! : ) 

Playing with Dad on the scoop thingy! 

Emeri was pooped after playing so we headed home for a much needed nap! Once she woke up we headed to the mall so we could find some new shirts and ties for Braeden! I was so proud of him for actually spending money on himself! Most the time I have to drag him to the store and twist his arm to buy something he needs! He hates spending money especially on things for himself, but he did a great job yesterday! He is going to look extra good at church on Sunday in his new shirt and tie! : ) The only thing he could have done better was to buy something he wanted instead of needed, especially on his birthday, but we will work on that! : ) 

After the mall we headed to Red Robin for dinner and then went swimming! Swimming was definitely the best part of the day, for me anyway, because WE HAVE A CRAZY CHILD! She is a bundle of independence, stubbornness, and fearlessness when it comes to water (well.. and anything else in her life as well)! My family would say she takes after me and I would have to agree! She is tuning into a little me when it comes to her independence, stubbornness, and fearlessness! She has to do everything her own way these days and frankly... it's killing me! : ) 

This is what I mean by independent, stubborn, and fearless! The pool we went to was a wave pool so it starts at zero feet and gradually goes to 6 (the waves aren't on the whole time)! We thought it was going to be a lot of fun for Emeri to play around in the shallow water, you know run around, try to get mom and dad, and splash like you would think a "normal" 17 month old would do? Little did we know all Emeri wanted to do was walk until the water was up to her nose and if she could have kept walking after that she would have! She tried! Of course we were close by the whole time, but every time we tried to help her or get her turned around to go back to the shallower water she would yell NOOOO... at us in between taking breaths! She did go under a couple times, but it didn't faze her one bit! As soon as she caught her breath she didn't want us to hold her anymore she just wanted to do her own thing! : ) 

We had a great day with Braeden and Braeden said he had a great day with us too! : ) I'm so glad we were able to spend the whole day together as a family and celebrate! I love you Braeden! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
Emeri saying "cheese" : )
I have a cute family! Do you think so???

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spiritually Loaded

We made it to the temple yesterday for our May temple date! We are 5 for 5 this year! Booyah! : ) 
My mom watched Emeri while we were gone and they put together a whole birthday party for us! They made us a cake that Emeri helped mix together, frost, and put the sprinkles and candles on! They blew up balloons and Emeri made this giant card for us that had her hand and feet prints all over on it! She had to take a bath after painting my mom said she would have rolled around in the paint if she would have let her! I believe it! : ) 
When we walked in the door Emeri was holding the card she made for us with a big smile on her face! Does it get better than that?? 
So, needless to say, she had a really good time with Grandma Cannaday while we were at the temple! : )
 (Thanks mom for watching Emeri she sure loves her Grandma Cannaday!) 

Today we had Stake Conference at The Conference Center! President Uchtdorf,  Elder Holland, an Elder from the Seventy, and the General Relief Society president spoke! It was a really good conference and it was fun to go to The Conference Center! We got sent to the balcony so we sat in the front row! If Emeri was standing on her tippy-toes she could see through the railing! It was pretty cute! : ) And she was really good for the 2 hours we were there which is always a plus! : ) 

After the conference we decided to go surprise Kathy at church! (Yes we went to a conference for 2 hours and then decided to go to another hour of church! : ) ) This was Emeri playing with Uncle Toren in Sacrament Meeting! Do you think she was comfortable??? : ) 

(I know you aren't supposed to take pictures in The Conference Center or at church, but I just had to!) : ) 


Friday, May 18, 2012


We went out to dinner with these two ladies tonight! 
Tina, Me, Brooke
They are two of my "roomies" from college and I love them! : ) We have so many good memories together and they are two people I look up to! 

Brooke just finished her 2nd year of Medical school! How cool is that??? I think it's awesome that she is following her dreams of becoming a doctor and not letting anything get in her way! I wish I was as smart as she is! : ) 

I admire Tina so much especially for the strong little family that she has!  They are coping with some difficult news right now, but they are being so strong I can't help but look up to them for their strength and example! 

These are two of the best ladies I know and I'm lucky to be able to call them my friends! : )
I love you Tina and Brooke

(Kimberly you are always very missed! We wish you lived closer! : ) One day? Maybe? : ) ) 

Happy Birthday to ME! : )

This year I really wanted to get "prepared" for our birthdays!
 ...Let me explain... 
getting all the stuff together for 72 hour kits and food storage is expensive so I thought, "lets just do it for our birthdays this year" (our birthdays are only 4 days apart!) I figured instead of buying gifts for each other we would just spend the money on getting all the stuff to get "prepared"!
 You know, doing the grown up thing and be responsible and all? 
To me getting presents isn't a big deal! I really appreciate gifts when people do get them for me, but my favorite part of birthdays is having another excuse to get together with friends and family! I love just spending time with people I love! 
Not getting presents from Braeden, not having a day all about me, and not really getting anything fun for my birthday really isn't a big deal... well this is what I thought until it was my birthday! : ) 
I was making a list of the things we need to go get for our 72 hour kits and as I was going through the different ideas and lists on Pinterest compiling the list that would be best for our kits and I couldn't help but be bored! How boring is band aids and flashlights on your birthday??? Very boring! These things are very important and we will still go get the stuff to make our kits,  but since it was my birthday I just wanted something fun! : ) 
(I'm glad my birthday comes first so Braeden didn't have an extra lame birthday before I discovered this!) : ) You just need something fun on your birthday! Don't you agree?? To make it feel more like a birthday? I guess it was my inner KID coming out!
 (I was so excited about the 72 hour kit thing until half way through the day! HAHAHA!)

I called Braeden and told him Emeri and I were heading out to find something fun for my birthday because I was bored with the list I was making and he felt terrible! He thought it was all his fault since he didn't get me anything, but the 72 hour kits were all my idea and I asked him not to spend the extra money on another gift! It definitely was not his fault if it was anyones fault it was mine, but it also wasn't too late to turn the day around, so Emeri and I headed to the most dangerous place on the planet... Target! Emeri got fruit snacks and an Icee while we wondered the store looking for something for my birthday and of course I ended up in the clothes! : ) I found 4 new tank-tops and 5 new shirts totaling less than 50 bucks! (I'm a huge bargain shoper! I can't help it! It's in my blood thanks to my mom!: )  ) 9 new shirts for 50 bucks SCORE! : ) 
4 tank-tops 
5 new additions to the closet!

While we were finishing up at Target Braeden called and said he was home! 
Perfect timing!
Emeri finishing her Icee on the playground!

 We played outside for a bit and then headed to a salon to get pedicures! It was Braeden's first ever pedicure and he loved it! I think we might be going together more often now that he knows why they are so incredible!

Enjoying our pedis

Braeden was laughing so hard while the lady was scrubbing the bottom of his feet that "stone thingy" I was trying to get a picture, but I was laughing just has hard at him! That's why the picture is all blurry! : ) 

We walked to get our pedis done and this was Emeri on the way home! She was giving Braeden loves while she was on his shoulders making it 10 times harder to carry her! She was also kissing the top of his head!  
After the pedis Kathy showed up with some nice birthday surprises: balloons, Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes, a card with moolah in it, and some awesome hair spray (it's seriously the best stuff)!  
If you haven't ever had a Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcake you need to go get one now! They are soooo good! 
It was such a nice surprise and so nice of Kathy to drive all the way up here just for me! : )  (Thanks again Kathy!)
After Kathy left we put Emeri down for bed and watched a movie just the two of us! Perfect ending to a really great day!

My birthday might have started off a bit ordinary and boring (all my idea and fault), but by the end of the day I really couldn't have been happier! I really had a great day and have some fond memories of watching Braeden get his first pedicure! : ) hahaha!

I also need to thank Annie for breakfast SO YUMMY, my Dad and Kris for bringing me lunch the day before, and Brad and Val for the new dishes! 
I have been wanting new dishes FOREVER, but just haven't been able to bring myself to spend the money on them! I'm so excited to toss my dollar store, plastic, college dishes out!
 : ) 
Don't they look so nice in my cupboard? I sure think so! 

Brief side note... isn't my baby bump coming along nicely??? Hehehe It makes me so happy!


(When I get my finalized 72 hour kit list done I will post it on here for anyone that needs or wants a good list!)