Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 months today! (well on Monday!)

Emeri is getting SO BIG! She is TEN MONTHS old and I can hardly believe it! Where has time gone? Since it is her 10 month birthday (I know that was early this week, the 10th, but I've been trying to get his post done since then!)  I'm going to take this opportunity to share all the fun, silly, and cute things she is up to!

1. Emeri has discovered how to control her hands and copy what we are doing! She loves clapping for everyone and everything, she will wave to say hi and bye, and if you are lucky she will give you a high five!


2.Braeden had a goal to have Emeri walking by the time she was 10 months old, thank goodness, he didn't make his goal! (I'm not ready to clean up all the messes she is going to make once she starts walking! She already makes enough messes crawling around! :) Even though she is not walking Emeri will stand up by herself until she discovers what she is doing and then she will sit down slowly! However lately she has started walking with her scooter! Check out how cute she is...

Pulling herself up on everything! 
Yeah Mom I know I'm cute! 

She wasn't in the best mood while we 
were taking these pictures
but this is a good one of her standing up by herself! 
Look how proud of herself she is! 

UPDATE... as of last night Emeri has started taking steps by herself! Braedens goal for her to walk by the time she is 10 months isn't going to be too far off I don't think! 

 3. Emeri has started dancing all the time music or not! Usually she will get up on her knees and bounce up and down it's the best! : )

You will also see at the end of this video that she has started eating out of Braedens hand like an animal! (Yeah I know!)

Sorry I don't know how to flip these videos, so just tilt you head to the side a little! : ) 

4. Emeri by herself is really good at playing while I get things done around our apartment! She loves to just play with her toys and talk/sing/yell at herself! It's so cute that I would rather just sit and watcher her play than get things done! : ) 

I had a video here, but I can't get it to work so here's a picture of her being silly!

Emeri smiling BIG in her jack o'lantern sweatsuit! She makes
a very cute pumpkin! : ) 
5. Emeri is working on her top two teeth right now and man is it hard on her! (and us during the night) The last couple of nights have been really tough! She has a meltdown at some point during the night for several hours and there is nothing we can do to help (even though we try really hard)! I feel so bad for her I know she is hurting and I just wish I could take the hurt away! One is almost all the way through and the other has just started so hopefully her hurt and the long nights will be over soon!

Eating watermelon and making a HUGE mess at 
grandpas house! 
6. Emeri is such a good eater! She does have a hard time eating her veggies, but other then that she loves eating! She will eat all fruits including peaches now (she had a hard time with peaches at first), she loves oatmeal like LOVES it, she can down pizza like nobody's business, we started giving her Bologna (I know gross) so she had more protein in her diet and she really likes it (I was surprised because she has problems textures), and when we eat dinner she eat what we eat! If I had to pick her favorite food I would have to say that it's Bananas! She can eat a whole banana in one sitting! 

7. Emeri is finally getting some hair! YAY! I can put a little pony tail on top of her head and I can put pig tails in however, its really hard to get her to hold still while I put the elastic in! But when I can man it's cute!

Piggy tails! : ) 
I can now put little clippies in her hair too! 
8. Emeri loves talking on the phone! Whenever Braeden, my mom, Braeden's mom, or anyone else for that matter calls and I can convince them to talk to her and say her name she freaks out with excitement! It's hilarious!
Emeri talking to Braeden! (new favorite picture!) 

9. Emeri sings a lot while she is playing, but the best is when I'm putting her down for bed or a nap! When I put Emeri down I sing to her and rock her, and when I sing to her she sings with me! She looks up to me, get a real serious look on her face, and sings along! It's the cutest thing, it melts my heart, and I love it! Life doesn't get any better than these moments! I love being Emeri's mom!

10. Emeri loves playing games! Her two favorites are peek-a-boo and bonk! She will play peek-a-boo anywhere she can find somewhere to hide! Today she was doing it with her bedroom door, she would open and close it and every time she opened it she had the biggest smile on her face just waiting for me to say peek-a-boo! I LOVE HER! Her new favorite is BONK! Braeden will say bonk and Emeri will head-butt him (softly)! She will do it over and over as long as Braeden keeps saying Bonk! It's hilarious to watch! : ) Silly girl!

This is a video of her playing with Braeden and I! I love her giggles!

You'll have to tilt your head again! Sorry! 

11. Since Emeri is mobile she makes messes everywhere she goes and gets into everything she's not suppose to! Keeping up with her gets harder and harder everyday! She has learned how to open drawers and empties them very quickly, she is fascinated with cords, she attacks my computer anytime I open it (I have little finger prints all over the screen), she started spiting out or throwing her food off her tray when she's done, she can stand up, open the trash can, and take trash out of it, the list could go on and on. I should be happy to pick up after her because she's exploring and learning like she's suppose to be! Right?

Emeri playing in our great window treatments! 
She enjoys bitting Braeden and I  
with her two sharp teeth! I shouldn't 
think this is so cute! 
Emptying the wipes container!
She's really good and fast at this!
The other day we were at my older 
sisters new house I was helping 
her pick out paint colors, I turned around
Emeri was gone! She was well on her
 way up their stairs! We don't have stairs
 so I had no idea she could climb them!
Her first encounter with stairs and she
 has them figured out already! I'm in trouble! 

Emeri also loves emptying the laundry basket!
She does it one hand after the other over her
shoulder and laughs the whole time!
Look how much fun she is having! 

Hiding under her toy basket after she emptied it! 

12. Emeri loves books and to be read to! I have been reading to her since day one! I use to read to her while I rocked her to sleep, but now she is way too interested in my book, so we read her books now (the ones she can chew on and not rip) whenever we get a chance!

Doesn't she look so big sitting there reading?
She love her books! : ) 

13. I have mentioned on my blog before that I love taking pictures of Emeri sleeping! While here are some pictures of her sleeping lately! It's a good thing she sleeps in a cage/crib : ) because she moves all over the place! 
She's suppose to be sleeping here! I have no
idea how she got both of her legs in between
the bars or her crib! She is real

Yes I found her like this! Don't worry she was
still breathing and I uncovered her head after I
took the picture!

14. I want to put this on here just because its HILARIOUS! Take a look...
She holds very still and lets me 
balance things on her head...
... and then she tries to get them off 
without them falling! 
Oh man she make me laugh!

15. And to finish it off... Emeri makes a really funny face when we wash her hair! Watch this video and you will see what I mean!

I love being Emeri's mom and I'm so grateful that I get to be a stay-at-home mommy!  I'm also grateful that I have a healthy happy baby who brings joy to everyone she meets! Life has never been so good! 

Hope you enjoyed! : ) : ) 

Much love Jenni! : ) 

One last picture of my cute blue eyed baby! : ) 

Christian-Aden's Birth!

My older sister had her fourth baby on August 1st! And here is his birth story (from my point of view):
It started off as a normal day. She actually came up with her kids to my house and we all went swimming at my pool! While we were swimming she was having contractions and when it was time to go didn't want to get out of the pool because being in the water was making the contractions easier! She had been having contractions for several days at this point so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary! They went home, I cleaned up, and when Braeden come home from work we headed down to SLC to fix one of our cars that had broken down! What was suppose to be a quick hour fix turned into a several hour fix with tons of complications which meant I was at my mom's house hanging out when she got the call from my brother-in-law Matt to come over to their house because it was time for him and Alex to head to the hospital! I figured I would just go over too and hangout until Braeden was finished! So my mom packed an over night bag and Emeri and I headed over! When we got there Alex was cleaning up because her water had broke and Matt was getting some last minute things together to put in the car! Once Alex left her bedroom and was walking to their car she had a contraction in the hall (right next to her kids bedroom) that was really strong she was breathing through it, but was also crying/yelling some but trying to be quiet not to wake up her little ones sleeping! When the contraction ended she made her way to her car, opened her door to get in, and had another contraction! This one was the one that Aden came with! She started screaming "He's coming out! His head is between my legs!" I gave Emeri to my mom so I could go help Alex get back in the house, my mom called 911, and Matt came running from their bedroom because he was changing out of his pajamas! Once that contraction ended we were able to move Alex enough to close the car door and get her in the house right inside the garage on the kitchen floor! Once we got her laid down she pulled up her dress, we pulled off her undies, and Aden came right out, I mean right out no pushing no nothing, Matt actually had a hard time catching him he came out so quickly (I'm sure it didn't help that he was slippery!) and actually got a little bruise on his forehead from hitting the floor! Once he was here Matt got him breathing good on his own and put him on Alex's tummy for some skin to skin until the paramedics got there, we got the mess under control, and just kept mom as comfortable and distracted as possible (I played with her hair and talked to her). Once the paramedics arrived they took care of mom and baby! They couldn't believe how well they were both doing for being born at home and giving birth at home without any medical people there to help! Which was a huge sigh of relive for all of us there helping because for me personally it would have been a very stressful situation if they weren't both going great! With everything going on, mom yelling, baby being born, grandma and I running back and forth down hall to get towels, grandma screaming to guide that paramedics in, paramedics coming in and out of house, lights flashing, Alex's 3 other kidos slept through it all! : ) Pretty incredible story right?? I think so and I feel lucky that I was there to help my sister! 

Aden with one of the paramedics! 

Alex in the ambulance! Keep in mind she just had a baby on her kitchen floor and she is still smiling!   

As the paramedics were working on Alex she turns to me and says before we go to the hospital Emeri and Aden need a picture together! Here it is:

If you would like to read my sisters version of the story and see some super cute pictures go here to her blog! 

Walkn' and Talkn'!

The weather has been so nice lately! I love fall weather this is definitely my favorite time of the year, so we took advantage of the nice weather and went on a walk! (Emeri and I went on a lot of walks at the beginning of the summer, but it was just too hot to go  for a while! Since it's cooling down we will be going on more walks again! (We love walks) As we were walking Emeri was in the stroller and Braeden and I were walking behind the stroller talking (obviously), but Emeri wouldn't just face forward and enjoy the walk! She wanted to be in the conversation so she kept looking back at us! Here's some pictures to show you want I mean! 

 As you can tell she tried everything possible to keep an eye on Braeden and I while we were on the walk! I just love her so much! She cracks me up!