Friday, November 30, 2012


My Life wrapped up in one picture! 
I'm not sure it could get any better than this! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Messy Fingers

Emeri + Finger Paints =

Purple Bath Water
: ) 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is a favorite around here because it's all about food!
We love food! : ) and I loved having Braeden home for 4 days straight! 
I wish there was no such thing as money or work! I wish Braeden could stay home with us everyday!
Anywho... Thanksgiving was awesome!
We spent the day with Braeden's family at his Dad's house!

Before dinner Emeri played outside with her Uncle Denver forever!
They were so cute out there playing together!

Seriously look at how cute these two are!

Emeri's dead leaf bouquet! 

Playing on the hammock! 

Emeri and I played outside for a minute also, but I wimped out and went inside because I was cold! Emeri on the other hand only wanted to play outside!

I love this picture! 

Then we had dinner! 
I wish I would have taken a picture of the spread so you all could be jealous of what we ate because it was amazing! 
We look forward to Brad and Val's Thanksgiving dinner the most every year!
(Shhhh... don't tell our other parents! : ) ; ) ) 

After dinner it was hot tub time for Emeri and Braeden! This girl had been asking me for days to go swimming so I'm glad she could get her fix and Grandma and Grandpa's! 

(Her "cheese" face has turned into a "I'm special face")

This is what Kyler did all day! He gave snuggles to anyone that wanted them! 

Friday was Christmas decorations day! 
Emeri loved helping with the Christmas Tree and now she wont leave the ornaments alone! I'm pretty sure she might be in time-out from now until we take down the Christmas Tree! Those "balls" are just too tempting to play with! 
Why did I buy glass ornaments? Bad move on my part! 
I might have to hit the after Christmas sales this year and get some plastic ones for next year so it doesn't matter! 

I love having the Christmas decor up! It makes me excited for Christmas everyday!

On Saturday we walked to the park, had a picnic, and played on the playground because it was so nice outside! 

Emeri has become quite the little monkey! She can now climb up all the little things they have around the park to get up on the playground all by herself including this rope ladder! It's so fun to watch her little mind work as she figures out the next step!

And on Sunday we stayed home for the first time in months and just enjoyed a Sunday together! 

Check out how handsome this boy is!

Braeden making Kyler smile because every time I get out the camera he stops! : ) 

We had such a fun and yummy Thanksgiving weekend! 
We are so blessed to have the great family that we do!
Family is the #1 on our "Thankful For... List"!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Great Weekend

Before I start blogging about Thanksgiving weekend I must blog about last weekend first because it was a great one! : ) However it was a great weekend without any pictures : ( shame on me!

But this is what went down!

Thursday Grandma Janet (Braeden's Grandma) was in town so Emeri, Kyler, and I went and spent the day with her! It was Kyler's first time meeting Grandma Janet! So exciting! We just hung out and it was fabulous I was so not in the mood to go anywhere! Kyler was having a rough day with his sensitive tummy so Grandma helped me a lot with him and he gave her lots of good snuggles when he wasn't having a hard moment! Emeri played lots of games with Grandma on her ipad, built towers with her with the blocks, and did lots of showing off! (as usual) And Grandma and I did a lot of talking! I know she's Braeden's Grandma but I sure love her a lot and love talking to her about everything! She gives great advice!

On Friday Braeden, Emeri, and I went to The Music Man at Taylorsville High School while Kyler hung out with my mom for the night! Toren played Harold Hill (the leading role) and did a FABULOUS job! This kid is so talented! We have such a great time going and seeing him perform his many talents! 
He also has a fun blog if you want to go check it out here!
The other fun thing about going to his play was seeing Emeri run around the halls of the High School Braeden and I met at! It was pretty surreal thinking about the whole thing! Who would have thought Braeden and I would grow up, get married, and have little kiddos running around? Well I did! BUT it's still pretty crazy to think about it all starting when I was 15 and Braeden was 16!

On Saturday my nephew Ethan go baptized! It's crazy that he is 8! Time flies! It was such a special day! I loved seeing him dressed in all white and making such special covenants with his Heavenly Father! 
So proud of him! 
It was also the first Baptism that Emeri has seen and it's pretty crazy how much see understood! Since then she found a picture of Jon The Baptist baptizing Jesus in one of her "Jesus books", she brought it to me and told me that Jesus was getting baptized and that she wants her daddy to baptize her! (of course in fewer words but you could easily follow her train of thought)
 Seriously? She understood that much from just seeing one person get baptized and discussing with Braeden what happened?
 Kids minds are incredible! 
After the Baptism we had a great brunch with all the family and Emeri loved running around with the cousins!

Then to finish off the weekend we had Thanksgiving dinner #1 at Kathy's on Sunday! 
It doesn't get much better than yummy food and great company! 

Such a great weekend that needed to be documented! : ) 
I love my family! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kyler's 1st month

Kyler's first month has already passed! 
I can't believe it!
It is crazy that he is over a month old now! 
Babies grow too fast!
This month has been great! 
Don't get me wrong it has had it's moments! 
As cute as newborns are  adjusting to a new baby is hard, but I feel like we are finally getting the hang of things! We are figuring out our new family dynamics and I can now look back on the hard moments and smile because I made it through the most difficult part!
Here's a look back on Kyler's first month!

First family photo with Kyler

Some funny/sad/interesting things about Kyler at birth
He never fit in newborn clothes Braeden had to go find another 'go home' outfit for him!
He broke his left collar bone during delivery because he was such a big boy! : ( 
He never fit into newborn diapers! The hospital had to get diapers for him over on the pediatric side of the hospital! : ) 

Kyler is a great sleeper!
For the most part he usually only wakes up twice during the night to eat and he takes great naps during the day! I have a hard time getting anything done while he is sleeping because I just want to hold him and stare at him!
 He is so darn cute!

While he sleeps he makes lots of funny faces! My favorite are the smiles that he makes, but I haven't been able to catch one of those with the camera yet! Here are some of the silly faces I have been able to catch!

Kyler does have a bit of a sensitive tummy which can make him very fussy at times! When Kyler has a rough day and there is nothing I can do to make him settle down Braeden will come home, pick him up, and plop him up on his shoulder and he will passout immediately after along day of screaming! 
Braeden calls it their "Dude Snuggles"! 
They have to get them in everyday!

I think Kyler is definitely going to have blue eyes like his Daddy and Sister!
But you never know babies eyes can always change! 

A couple weeks ago we headed to the doctor because one of Kyler's eyes was swollen it turned out not being anything to worry about, but when they took his weight he weighed 12 lbs 11 oz at 4 weeks! Now he's 6 weeks old and going through a growth spurt I wouldn't be surprised if he is weighing in over 13 lbs!

He is starting to talk, laugh, and smile more and more! His smile isn't quite there yet, but it's getting closer and closer everyday! I am so looking forward to him smiling and seeing his little personality come out! 

This kid is adorable! And boy does he have some rolls! 
Check these out! 

We are so lucky to have Kyler in our family! 
I'm so excited for all the fun we are going to make and all the silly things he is going to do so I can share them here with you! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cookie Monster

Emeri was sitting in her chair watching TV with a pillow on her lap holding her Cookie Monster while I was sitting on the sofa with Kyler and this is the conversation we had

Emeri: "Mom, Monster eating me!"
Me: "Cookie Monster is eating you?"
Emeri: "Yeah eating milk!"
Me: ... ... "Are you nursing Cookie Monster?"
Emeri: "Yeah!"

I couldn't help, but smile and giggle a little!
(then I had to get a picture or two)

This girl does everything I do! 
She often does things like pull all the mail off the table and spread it all over the house because she sees me always going through the mail or gets all the utensils out of the drawer to cook! I will then make a comment like "This girl makes so many messes!" and Braeden will comment back "She just wants to be like her mommy! You can't even complain!" 
He's right and it crazy how much she already wants to be a little mommy! 

She's explaining to me what she was doing in this picture!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Emeri got ahold of my phone/camera!
She had a great time taking pictures!
These are some of the thousand pictures she took! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spoons and Toes

Emeri yelled for me to come look!
I could tell she was very excited about something?
This is what she had to show me!
She's pretty talented! Don't you think? 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Until Next Year

Playing at the park before the huge snow storm showed up! 

Emeri did her own hair! 
(she put in her head band all by herself!)

Taking "Nakey Baby" for a walk! 

Do you think Braeden likes playing with Emeri at the park? 

I think our days at the park are over for now!
Winter is officially here!

(I'm already looking forward to the warm summer weather! This might end up being a long winter!)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Zero Control

Emeri has this big green ball that she loves to flip over! Once she is on top of the ball she has zero control over what happens after that!  I'm surprised that she hasn't found a corner of a wall with her head yet doing this or had any other injury for that matter!
 Like I've said a million times she's crazy! 

Here she goes! 

 Recovering for a second before she goes again!

And than she started freaking out because she didn't want me to take her picture anymore! : ) 

Oh my!

To finish it off here's a cute picture of Baby Ky sleeping on Braeden! : ) 
Love this boy! : )