Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day!

After going camping Friday and Saturday with my dad we got to celebrate Braeden's first father's day! I had thought long and hard about what we should get Braeden for father's day and I had the idea of getting a white tie and having Emeri put her hand and foot prints on it for him, but getting Emeri to cooperate well enough to make the tie look good was very unlikely, so I started looking online! I really wanted to get him a tie because he loves ties and I wondered if it was possible to get Emeri's picture printed on a tie for him, and guess what... you totally can and they are so cool! After finding it I showed my sister and she decided to get one for her husband, then we decided we should get one for my dad, and my sister-in-law decided to get one for my brother also! It was pretty much the best father's present idea ever! : ) Here's a picture of Braeden's tie that we got him! 

 Here's a close up of the picture that was printed on it! Emeri's outfit says I love my Daddy, but you cant tell! 

Braeden loves the tie and I think I might make this a tradition in our house because they are so cool so I hope Braedens doesn't mind! : ) 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Camping : )

This weekend we went camping with my family for father's day, and boy did we have a good time! On Friday night we went up to a campground called Smith and Morehouse its clear past Kamas and way up in the mountains, and yes there was still snow on the ground in some places around the camp! The first night it was only my Dad, Jon, Ralleigh, and my little family! We ate some great dutch oven dinner and stayed up a bit talking around the fire! When we went to bed it was pretty chilly and I was worried that Emeri was going to be cold, but we put two sets of pajamas on her, zipped our sleeping bags together, and cuddled all night to keep warm and it worked great! She slept longer in our tent then she does at home in her crib! And I'm pretty sure she was the warmest out of all of us (thank goodness)! On Saturday morning my older brother Alan and his family came up and then a couple hours later my older sister Alex and her family arrived! For the rest of the day we hung out, played games, took naps, went on walks/hikes, rode bikes, ate good food, and just enjoyed being together! It was so nice getting away even if it was just for a weekend, the scenery was breathtaking, and it was so relaxing being up in nature! Camping is something we need to do more often! 
Here are some pictures of us enjoying ourselves! 

We made a bib out of a grocery sack because I forgot a bib and it was way to cold to strip her down!

 Emeri chewing on Braeden's arm!

 Emeri was chewing on this cup and it was hilarious if you look close the cup was making Emeri have this really big smile and making her gums white so she looked kind of like a crazy person! We were all having a good time laughing at her!

 Three generations of ABC! 

The classic Matt and Alex! : ) 

Emeri getting loves from dad! 

Jonny playing with Emeri!

The many faces of Braeden!

 Oh Jillian! We love you!

 Andrew holding Emeri and pulling off her face! :) 

 Yes Jill is holding Ammon by his bib-over-alls! 

This was so cute Andrew insisted on roasting a carrot! He is the cutest kid! 

The boys playing frisbee! 

Emma with her pirate bandana on! 

 Yes we were by water, but it was far away, thank goodness! 

Family photo op!

 Picture of everyone! 

Silly faces! 

 Ethan and Andrew rode up and down this hill for hours! 

We had an awesome time spending time with the family! Great idea dad! 
love you all!

Swimming with DAD!

Since Braeden was at work when my mom and sister came up and went swimming with Emeri and I, he wanted a turn taking Emeri swimming, so we when the next day! Here are so pictures of Emeri swimming with Braeden!

 This is one of my all time favorite pictures! 

 Cuddle Bug!

 Say cheese!

Passed out! Again!


My Mom, little brothers Jon and Ralleigh, My older sister Alex and her three kids Ethan, Andrew, and Sam came up to my house last week and we all went swimming at my little apartment pool! It was tons of fun! We played the candy bar game, marco polo, and motor boat! We might of had too much fun! I think we could have stayed and played all day, but they had to get back home at a decent time to make and eat dinner! It was Emeri's first time going swimming and she seemed to like it when she was either all cuddled up to whoever was holding her or when she had a toy to chew on! At one point my sister was holding her and she feel asleep all cuddled up to her in the pool! She loves my sister so much! She gets so excited whenever she sees her and loves to give her loves and kisses! I'm so lucky to have a sister that loves my baby so much!
Here are so pictures of our fun time! 

She wasn't so sure at first!

 My mom and Andrew playing!

Ralleigh and Ethan having a good time!

Emeri and Mom! (She looks thrilled doesn't she?) :)

 Grandma and Sam having fun!

Grandma and Andrew underwater! : ) 

Jonny boy!

Emeri snuggling Alex!

So comfy and so sleepy!

 Cute Sammy! 

Snoozing away! 

Yes this is a picture of Jon and Ralleigh being nice to one another! Take note! It doesn't happen very often! 

 Rall Ball!

 Me and my mom were trying to take a picture underwater! It didn't work very well! HAHAHA

One hot baby! (She is so cute!)

 I love these blue eyes!

We definitely need to do this again!
love you all!  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthdays and Zoo!

For our birthdays this year we got each other several little gifts we wanted! My favorite was the wall decoration Braeden got me that says "Come what may ... and love it!" this is from a talk by Joseph B. Wirthlin (if you don't remember or haven't heard this talk look it up and read it because it's amazing and probably my favorite talk!) so it was very appropriate! (and I was admiring it just a couple days earlier when we went on a walk to the mall. How did he know?) I'm not sure if Braeden had a favorite gift because all of the gift he got were so great! : ) : ) During our birthday week we also went to the Zoo with my family and it was TONS of fun! : ) The week of our birthdays was very rainy, but we organized this trip and were going rain or shine! It ended up being the perfect day to go! No one I mean No one was at the zoo, all the animals were out because it wasn't extremely hot out, we could let all the kids run around a bit more because of the lack of people, and we got to feed the giraffes! It did rain quit a bit right when we were on our way out, but other then that it just sprinkled a little here and there! Over all it was the best trip to the zoo I have ever had! Here is some fun pictures from our trip! (Thanks Jill and Troy for the pictures!)

Andrew love Emeri so much and wanted to hold her hand! He is so cute!

So at the zoo right now they have dinosaurs and this one spits water it was so funny watching Ethan and Andrew wait for the dino to spray then scream and run away when it did! Check out Andrews moves in this picture! HAHA

If Emeri was in this picture then all the girls would have been!

 Alan and Ammon!

Elephants are the only animals I will take pictures of at the Zoo! 
I love elephants! They are my favorite!

Emeri giving loves to dad!

 All the grand kids!

Family photo op! : ) 

 Isn't this the cutest picture! Look at their smiles and they way Ethan is looking at Jill! They sure love their aunt Jill! 

Feeding the Giraffes! 
Bonus when you go to the zoo on a rainy day!

Ammon getting eaten by the T-rex and loving it! : ) 

I love my family and I love doing things with my family! I always have a good time and I always look forward to the next time we get together! 
love you guys!!! : )