Friday, March 29, 2013

Can't Get Enough

I can't get enough of this CUTE little boy!  

Mom I really really...

want your phone! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We headed to the park last week! 
It was a lot colder than we thought it was once we got outside and the wind started blowing!
Emeri didn't mind one bit! 
I'm pretty sure her fingers would start falling off from frostbit before she admitted that she was cold!
She just loves to be outside playing! 


 I thought I would get a picture of the two of them... Yeah!... Not such a great idea! 

(Look at these kids blue eyes!)

Kyler didn't exactly appreciate it! 

Kyler: "I dare you to mess with me and my mom!" 
He looks like he's ready to fight! 
: ) 

Smiles from Kyler after waking up from the nap he took while we were there!
He's such a trooper!

Friday, March 22, 2013


Kyler's 2 bottom teeth are cutting right now! 
And lets just say, teething and Kyler are not a good combination! 
He's a huge GROUCH! 
But a cute grouch! : ) 
However I did manage to get him to smile for me so I could take a few pictures! 
I'm seriously going to miss this toothless grin! : ( 
It makes me sad that my baby is growing up so fast! 
 (Please notice the very appropriate onesie he is wearing! : ))

This little guys is my biggest fan! He wants me all day every day making it very difficult to accomplish anything sometimes! But with a face like this how can you not pick him up and love him all day? 
I'm a little obsessed! : ) 
The dishes, laundry, and everything else can wait! 


Thursday, March 21, 2013


While we were hanging out at my Mom's house she headed outside to do some yard work and Emeri of course had to join her and "help"! 

Grandma would rake the leafs out of the flower beds and Emeri would rake them right back in!

Then Emeri discovered all the WALNUTS on the ground and the raking was put on hold!

It was time to get the hammer out and crake open those nuts! 

Grandma couldn't crake them open fast enough for her! 
She was devouring them! 

I love little memories like this! 
Helping Grandma with yard work and eating walnuts! 
For a two-year-old life doesn't get much better than that! 

While we were outside Kyler was inside napping like this! 
Hilarious! : ) 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Boys

Once again this was awhile ago, but I have to share this photo!
Does get much more adorable than this?
I'll answer that for you... NO it doesn't! 

Goodness Gracious! I love those two boys more than I ever thought I ever could!  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little Bit

This happened well over a month ago! 
I have been terrible about keeping this blog current lately!
I think it's because Emeri no longer takes naps so I don't have those few hours by myself every afternoon where I can blog and clean! Those few hours made a huge difference! 
I'm currently morning the lost of nap time! It's been a rough adjustment on me! 
AND it was several months ago that she stopped napping! 
Not to mention that every time I get my computer out Emeri starts acting out! I think she hates it when I'm on my computer and not giving her ALL of my attention! I don't blame her! 
Need less to say I'm trying to find a good time to blog since out schedules have changed!

Emeri got here ears pierced! : ) 
This is how it happened...

I would have got Emeri's ears pierced when she was a baby, but Braeden was very against it! He feels that hurting your baby for cosmetic reasons is very unnecessary so he wanted to wait until we could explain to her what was going to happen and she understood! My sisters and I all got our ears pierced for our third birthdays, so that's what we were planning on doing with Emeri! BUT we were walking though the mall on our way to get some new running shoes and walked passed Claire's!  I jokingly asked Braeden if we should get Emeri's ears pierced and to my surprise he concidered it! Every other time I ever mentioned it he would look at me like I was crazy! 
So we went in and asked our questions and asked Emeri if she wanted pretty earrings like Mom and of course she did! We explained to her that it was going to hurt a little bit like a shot, but it would only hurt for a second and then it would feel all better and she was still good to do it! I thought if I mentioned it was going to hurt like a shot she would back out, but she was still a go! : ) 
She picked out turquoise studs because turquoise is her favorite color! (You should hear her say turquoise it's adorable!) They are also her birthstone so that worked out great! 

Waiting to get started! She got lost of suckers before and after because she kept taking them from the bucket! haha

Getting her ears marked!

Patiently waiting for the both people to be available so they could do both ears at once!  

Ready... Aim... 

After a few loves from mom and realizing that it no longer hurt she was good to go!

She was so brave and only cried for a minute and then kept telling us, "It only hurt a little bit!"
She's too cute!
We of course had to go get ice cream afterwards because she did so brave! : ) 

Since she got them done we haven't had any problems and NO she doesn't play with them! We did give her Tylenol the first night to help her sleep because they were a little sore, but other than that the only other time they bother her is when her shirts get stuck on them when she's getting dressed or undressed! 
If you're thinking about getting your little one's ears pierced spend the extra money and get the gold studs! Emeri hasn't had any problems with her ears and I have heard too many bad stories about little girls getting their ears pierced with the other kind of metal studs and having problems for weeks or even months!

Emeri's one tough little cookie! But we already knew that! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Colored Snow

Last week we headed outside to play in the snow one last time before it was all melted! 
But instead of building a snowman we decided to go color the snow!!!!!

No not yellow of course, but purple and turquoise : ) with a spray bottle full of colored water! 

Emeri had the best time tromping through the snow and having free reign with the spray bottle! 
It was really hard to convince her it was time to be done and go inside after spraying 2 full bottles of water because she was too much fun!
You can kind of see the color in these two pictures!

Kyler and I followed her around with the stroller...

... and eventually he crashed!

I'm glad we went out and played in the snow one last time and enjoyed winter, but I am so grateful it is warming up outside and all the snow is now gone! This past winter was way too cold!
Looking forward to many walks to the park and the swimming pools opening!