Monday, April 22, 2013


My kiddos have THE best cousins! 
Here's two examples:

I go to my sisters often to watch her kiddos while she volunteers and with a 4 year-old, a 2 year-old, a 1 year-old, and a Kyler things can get interesting sometimes! : ) 
The other day while I was over there I was in the kitchen making lunch and Kyler was having a hard moment! I let him fuss for a second before I went and checked on him! When I was at a point that I could leave what I was doing in the kitchen this is what I found...
... Sammy was laying next to Ky holding his hand and singing to him making him feel better! 
How adorable is that?
These two are too cute together!
Since the day Kyle was born Sammy has claimed him as hers!
She is so good at making him smile and laugh no matter what kind of mood he is in and she loves to "babysit" him when I need to make lunch or go to the restroom! 
Like my mom says, "You would never know they were cousins and not siblings!" That's how good Sammy is with Kyler and how much Sammy LOVES him! 

Here's another example:

Awhile ago we went to the park with cousins and this is what Emeri and Andrew did the whole time!

(I love when kids use their imagination!) 

They found walnut shells and decided to make rolly polly homes out of them, so they went around the park collecting "things" (flowers, rocks, leafs, pine cones, etc.) to go in the shells to make the most luxurious rolly polly homes they could! 

Andrew is a almost 5 years older than Emeri and most boys his age would never take the time to play with "the little kids" let alone a girl! : ) But Andrew is so good with the little kids! 
Emeri absolutely loves Andrew and loves playing with him!  

Look how much fun they are having together!

That is just two examples of the great cousins we have around here!
We are so blessed to live close to our family so we can get together often and our kids can get to know each other and play! 
I never lived close to any of my cousins we all lived in different states, so I'm even that much more grateful that my kiddos get to play with their cousins often! 
If you even mention playing with cousins to Emeri she jumps up and down with excitement! 
: ) 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Last Friday we went to the park to have a picnic and fly a kite!
It was so nice outside! 
Perfect in fact!
However, it was not perfect weather to fly a kite! 
: ) 

But we tried anyway!

We found the sweet spot and kite flew for maybe 2 minutes!

After that Emeri just decided we would run around with the kite behind her and fly her kite that way!

And of course we can't leave the park without Emeri and Braeden playing some basketball!

SO CLOSE!  : )

(Love this picture)

Kyler had a great time too! 
He loves to be outside!
When nap time rolled around we tried to get him to snuggle up in his car seat and fall asleep, but he wouldn't stop smiling long enough for that to happen! 

Check out that double chin! 

I just want to kiss those lips!

When Kyler is outside his eyes are SOOOOO blue it's crazy! 

We were at the park for hours! 
I love spending time outside playing with my family not having to worry about anything and not having a time limit on fun! 

Friday, April 19, 2013


Hopefully this will hold you over for a bit until I find some more time! 
It's been a rough week for my blog! : ) 

Emeri wanted to go down the slide with Kyler yesterday afternoon!
He wasn't so sure about the whole thing! : ) 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peas Anyone?

Kyler tried peas for the first time today! 
At first he was eating them fine with a kind of confused look on his face, I was surprised at how well he was doing! 

"Not so sure about this Mom!"

Then he got to the point of making yucky (hilarious) faces and gagging on them!

He then discovered that he didn't have to open his mouth!
He was squeezing his lips together so tightly that there was no way I was getting the spoon in there! : )

"There is NO WAY I'm opening my mouth again!"

So then we moved on to the fruit! 
It took some convincing for him to open his mouth to try it so he would realize it wasn't the peas anymore, but once he did he was one happy camper! 

(Link to: 6 Food Mistakes Parents Make)
It does! How crazy is that?
We will keep working on those peas! 
We won't let them get the best of Kyler!

1 down 9 to go!  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"My Friends"

Braeden's Aunt and Uncle Diana and Spencer and their two kiddos Cora and Ivy came to visit and we had a great time with them for the week or so that they were here! 
Cora and Ivy are both right around Emeri's age so she had a blast! 
She called them "My friends" and wanted to be with them 24/7! 
After meeting them they were the first thing she asked for in the morning and she didn't quite understand why they got to sleep at Grandma Kathy's house every night and she didn't!! 
We definitely took advantage of the time we had with them and made sure by the end of the time they were here that everyone was exhausted! 

Here's some of the fun stuff we did with them:

We went and played at Discovery Gateway for hours and had a blast!

Cora hiding in the ball! 

Emeri being a little crane operator! 

Emeri grocery shopping!

Playing in the water!

Once Emeri found this Lawnmower she was very posessive of it! 
She read to it...

Mowed the carpet...

And even took it for a ride in the backseat of the car!

While all the girls were running around having the time of their lives Kyler was having a grand time watching everyone and hanging out with Gary!

 After Discovery Gateway we were off to City Creek to get two little girls ears pierced and to visit the Disney store!

Emier and Cora being crazy while waiting for Trax!

Ky giving mom big smiles behind his binky!

Then a couple days later we were off to the zoo!

All the girlies checking out the elephants!

"Where are we going next mom?"

Ky chilling in the stroller playing with his toys!
He was a huge trooper while we were at the zoo and all week! 


Riding the carousel!
Emeri picked the zebra and was really excited until it started going up and down!
She then told me she was all done and wanted off immediately! : )

(I really need to stop asking her to smile for me because I keep getting this awful face!)
: )  

The this thing moves face!

The "Mom I'm not so sure about this anymore!" look!
Right after that she asked to get down! 

  Ivy riding the otter!

Cora riding the giraffe! 

We had so much fun while they were here and Emeri keeps talking about her friends Cora and Ivy! 
We miss you guys already and look forward to seeing you guys again soon! 
Thanks for playing with us so much!