Friday, September 27, 2013

Camping with the Cooks

Before we moved far far way from our besties (Annie, Cam and Riot)  we had one last big hurrah and went camping with them! 

While we were setting up Emeri made us a salad to go with dinner!  

Camping is all about the dirt! 
And these kiddos know how to get really dirty! 

Kyler playing with mom and being adorable! 

Unfortunately mom just isn't that cool and the dirt was also calling his name so he had to join in on the fun!

Cooking their dinner over the fire!

Kyler just kicking back and chilaxing with Annie!

Since we were camping we had to go on some adventures and go exploring! 
These two kiddos crack me up!

Is this not the best outfit EVER???
(And yes she is putting chapstick on in the picture on the right!)

Mr. Stud Riot

Oh man these two!

Emeri found herself some burs while exploring! 

We made our way down to the river! It was a bummer it wasn't warmer because it would have been a blast to go swimming... 

Oh wait they did go swimming!
It started with just taking off their shoes and shocks...

Then they were down to their skivvies...

And I wont tell you what they may or may not have on under this blanket! hahaha
It's a good thing they are only 2!

We had a really good time! 
Maybe too good of a time!
This is Emeri passed out after getting home!

We sure love and miss the Cooks so much! 
Especially Emeri! 
This poor girl just can't quit grasp the idea that we moved away from Riot and we can't go play with him every waking moment! : (

Monday, September 9, 2013

Moving in a Nutshell

All the boxes are unpacked!
Pictures are hung!
And it's starting to feel like home! 
Kyler in the heaps of paper that the moving company used to pack our boxes!
We literally took 20 black leaf bags of paper to the recycling!
SO MUCH PAPER! I'm glad it's finally all out of here!
Braeden LOVES his new job!
He only has a 5 minute commute! 
Picnicking with daddy on his lunch break! 
Our apartment about doubled in size (room to breath)! 
(Not really but it feels that way!)
Our bathroom real estate quadrupled!
(No really it did! If anyone ever used our last bathroom you understand!) 
Emeri being my little helper and helping me unpack!
We are proud owners of a full size washer and dryer! 
(Braeden was literally dancing up and down the hall because he was so excited! He loves his laundry! Emeri and I were laughing at him!) Oh and thanks again Gary!
Can you find Emeri??
There she is!
We have a huge walk in closet!
(I'm not one to have lots of clothes, but man it's nice!)
We are making new friends! 
(Missing our old ones!)
Look at the cute little tushy!  

Our ward here is great! They had a lot to live up to!
(The Fox Creek ward will always have a special place in our heart!) 
Emeri seems to like nursery! 
(We aren't sure she is quite loving it yet! Once again we miss the Fox Creek ward just a little bit!)
While exploring we found this "paper" airplane seat! 
The Mall, Ross, Joann's, Target, Khols, 2 frozen yogurt places, Cafe Rio, Texas Road House, Albertsons, Golds Gym, and countless other fabulous things are all located with in walking distance!
(What more could you ask for?)
Oh Kyler!
We really live in Ammon not Idaho Falls! : )
We have already hosted our first visitors!
My little model!
We haven't had a chance to miss our family yet!
(We have seen them almost every weekend since moving!)
And my handsome handsome boy!

Emeri and Kyler are finally sharing a room and doing wonderfully!
(We regret not doing it sooner!)
Which means Kyler now sleeps in the crib instead of his pack and play!
Watching a movie!
Emeri had a hard couple of days when we first got here! But she has been back to herself this past week! Thank goodness it only took her a couple days!
Kyler was a angel when Emeri was having a rough time, but now he's haveing a hard time himself! : ( 
(I'm pretty sure he's teething!)
This is how Kyler helps me with the dishes!
I love his face in this picture!

Moving just isn't easy sometimes!
(Well pretty much all the time!)
But we are making the best of it for sure! 
Mommy's little shopper!
We have been doing a good job keep our selfs busy!
We love exploring/ getting lost! Hahaha
The library here is awesome! 
Emeri at one of the fun library story time/ activity times we have been too!

We are really enjoying being here!
(If you can't tell!)
Other than missing our family and friends and how much it cost in gas to drive back and forth to Utah we have nothing to complain about! ... (YET! I have heard the winters here are a 'beezy' so we will see how that goes! : ) )

On our drive up here!
We stopped to grab some quick lunch and this is how Kyler was feeling about the drive!
A bit frazzled if you ask me! : )
Oh and you can't forget these two! 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This is what my August looked liked! 
In other words this is why there were ZERO post last month! 
Life was CRAZY BUSY! 

BUT... I think things are settling down to where I can now start blogging again! 
I have sat down, downloaded all my pictures, and made a list of blog posts that need to get done! 
SO HOPEFULLY the post will start flowing!

LOVES jenni