Friday, May 6, 2011

So... Sleepy!!

I love taking pictures of Emeri while she sleeps! She is just so peaceful and cute I can't help it! So... let me share some pictures...

Thinking about going to sleep while watching TV!

Snoozing on the sofa!

She insisted on sleeping with her face in my arm?

This is a picture of her still trying to wake up in the morning! 

These next couple pictures are of Braeden holding Emeri while she sleeps and they are pretty funny/cute! He loves this girl so much! She is so lucky to have such an awesome daddy! 

 Ok let me explain this picture! This is Braeden trying to do EVERYTHING all at once! He is holding Emeri while she sleeps, eating pizza, and watching his basketball game all at the same time! I offered to take Emeri, but he wouldn't let me! 

Braeden was rocking Emeri to get her down for a nap and fell asleep himself! : ) 

I love my little family! These two make me smile all the time!  :) 

Our New Favorite!

Since spring has finally come "jumping" and the sun has been out more recently our new favorite family activity is going on walks! Emeri and I go on walks almost every day now and sometimes we will be gone for 2 hours! It's so nice to get some sunshine and when Emeri falls a sleep I try to walk around until she wakes up so I don't cut her nap short by going home! She always wakes up no maker how careful I try to be when I take her out of the stroller and lay her down in her crib! Emeri loves being outside! If she is fussy and you take her outside it calms her right down! It's almost like magic! : ) Braeden joins us if we go on a walk later on in the afternoon when he is home from work or on the weekends! When Braeden comes with us we take the basketball so we can play at the local park! Emeri finds it hilarious when we play defense against him! : ) Heres some pictures of her enjoying our walks! 

This is the view that we enjoy when we walk around the track at the park!

We went to the park this day with my sister and her kids and it was freezing outside, but Emeri was as happy as could be!   

 Emeri and I watching Braeden shoot hoops!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Emeri has recently learned how to control her hands and grabs everything and everything goes straight in her mouth! She loves to play with all her toys and is becoming an expert at rolling over! She's getting so big so fast before I know it she will be crawling and making a mess every where she goes! 
Here are some pictures of her playing in her toys! 

The Many Silly Faces Of Emeri!

I was down loading pictures the other day and saw all these pictures in a row! : ) 

Oh boy she makes me laugh! I love this girl so much! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Painting Toe Nails!

I was painting my toe nails the other night and we decided it would be FUN to try and paint Emeri's also! Easier said then done! Braeden held her foot still while I tried to put the polish on "neatly" but it ended up getting all over her foot so I had to try and get it off with nail polish remover and a q-tip (that didn't work)! Luckily after taking a bath all the unwonted POLISH came off her foot and just the polish on her nails were left! 

 I thought it was cute that we had MATCHING toes! 


Eating Bananas!

Emeri loves eating frozen bananas and she makes a huge mess while she does it! Here are some pictures of here DEVOURING the poor things! : ) 

She loves them so much that her hands and face turn red from them getting cold! 

Emeri's First Couple Months! March

The only thing significant that happened in March was Braeden and I's TWO year anniversary, but because I wasn't ready to leave Emeri with a babysitter yet Braeden and I just took her out to dinner with us! It was nothing fancy and nothing that cost a lot of money it was JUST RIGHT for the circumstances! Other then that our month was filled with a lot of school and work for Braeden and a lot of play dates for Emeri and I! Here are some fun pictures from the month...

Watching BYU game with Braeden during march MADNESS! 

 Sleeping with her eyes open! 

Hanging out with mom! 

 She always tries to fit her WHOLE fist in her mouth! 

 She loved the bath!