Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Braeden's Birthday

Braeden is officially on the down hill to 30! 
(It's freaking him out!)
He tells me everyday how "old" he feels! : ) 
(I might be exaggerating the everyday part a bit!) ; )

This is how we celebrated his birthday this year:
At Braeden's work you get your birthday off work, but because Braeden is the best husband ever he took my birthday off instead of his! 
(I'm still working on the blog post about all the excitement that led up to and happened on my birthday!)
So we met up with him and took him out to lunch!
He chose the place and he wanted to try something new so we went to Daddy D's in Ogden!
They are known for their "Hot Mess" burger which is a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two donuts! Heart attack right? 
We didn't get that burger, but I'm not sure what we got was any healthier! 
Let's just say that Daddy D's is good, but it sure isn't good for you! : ) 

Braeden doing the Emeri "say cheese" face!

That's a little better!

Birthday kisses for Daddy!

Kyler was seriously so silly while we were at lunch! 

I love his scrunchy nose smiles! 

While Braeden finished up at work Emeri, Kyler and I made Braeden a very special birthday cake! 
Emeri picked out a funfetti cake and HOT pink frosting for him!
She had a great time making the cake and the first words out of her mouth when Braeden walked through the door were, "I made you a pink and yellow cake Dad!" 

Kyler really excited about the candles!

 Emeri and Daddy blowing out ALL the candles!

He loved his hot pink birthday cake because Emeri picked it out special for him! : ) 
He's a good sport! 

We didn't to anything too exciting! It was just an all around good low key day! It was exactly what we all needed! : )  

Love you Braeden and I always will no mater how old you get! : ) 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Austin's Farewell

This is Austin Emeri's uncle (Braeden's step-brother) and he is one of Emeri's "favorites"! 
He left on his mission at the beginning of this month and will be eventually making his way to Melbourne Australia! (Awesome right?)
Emeri is one of his biggest fans!
She has been coloring/painting pictures for him for the last couple weeks so we can send them to him! 
He probably  will have a huge collection of Emeri art by the time he gets home! 

I'm not going to lie it was pretty nice going over to Braeden's dad's and not having to worry about keeping Emeri entertained because Austin always had it covered! 
They would play for hours!
Austin was such a good sport and just did whatever Emeri wanted him to do! 
(I think Emeri might even have a little crush on him! Shhh!)
He is going to very missed, but we are very excited for him! : )
(and maybe a little jealous! I want to go to Australia!) 

Emeri and Kyler sure are lucky!
They have some very awesome uncles! 

These are just a few more pictures from the afternoon Austin gave his farewell talk! 

Emeri kissing Baby Ky while he is snoozing! 

Not happy about having to apologize! 

Ky waking up and wondering what is going on! 

Oh and of course the cowgirl boots! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Time

You know summer time is here again when...

You can find us at the park more often then home!

The bug collecting begins!

We have picnics for every lunch!

At 4 o'clock every weekday all the kids from the apartments are at the playground!

And the trips to the pool with our buddies begin!

Kyler was so tired by the time we were done playing, but he loved it! 

Although it has only felt like summer here and there because the rain clouds have made their home above us we have taken advantage of the warm days as much as we can!
(I really love the rain so I don't mind the rain clouds one bit they can stay as long as they would like to! shhhh Don't tell Emeri! : ) ) 
We love summer and all the fun adventures we have we are looking forward to all the new adventures we are going to have this summer!

One of the times we were at the park there was this lady that had a jacket on that had fur around the hood and she was very into whatever was on her phone so she was looking down at it well, Emeri ran over to me pointing at her (I know she shouldn't point) and telling me there was a LION at the park! 
She really did look like a lion from a far!
It was really cute and gave me a good laugh!

Here's the best picture I could get of her without seeming like a creep! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Animal Days

We went to Baby Animal Days for this first time this year! 
It was a lot of fun!
It's just a little event nothing too extravagant or exciting (those are the best kind!), but still a blast!

We started in the reptile tent were Emeri got to hold a baby snake and tortise! 
There were older kids ahead of her who wouldn't hold the snake, but she didn't even hesitate!
I was a little surprised! 
But I guess she's never been told she should be scared of them so she didn't even know to be! 
She loved it and was bummed when her turn was over!

She loved that the mommy tortoise was there with her two babies! She's very much into everything having a mommy and daddy!

We then moved over to the baby bunnies! She had a great time trying to wiggle her nose like the bunnies it was quite entertaining! 

Then over to the baby ducks we went!
 By this point she was done holding animals and was ready to move on to something new so we skipped the chicks and head over to the horse ride line! 

She was really excited to the ride the horse until some guy picked her up to put her on it! If you know Emeri you know that she does not like people touching her especially men and especially men that are strangers, so the ride just didn't start off good for her! But she stayed on the horse even though she cried the whole time!
 Later she told us that she was sad because she wanted a little horse not a big one! 
Go figure! : ) 

To get her back in good spirits we went and got a little face paint on! 

And our silly faces!

Then it was time to ride the train!
It was kind of weird because it was the first thing that we just put Emeri on and let her go!
Braeden turned to and asked "Why does it feel like we are sending her off to kindergarten for the first time right now?" 
It's really been the first time that she has been old enough to just let her go and do this sort of thing by herself! 
It just kind of put things into perspective!
Out little girl IS growing up if we like it or not! 

Last stop on the agenda... the bouncy house! 
She loves these things! 

We all had a great time including Baby Ky! : ) 
Seriously does it get any cuter than this? 

Good times! 
I think we will making this an annual thing! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wheeler Farm

My dad's art studio is right around the corner from Wheeler Farm, so when we went down to spend the day with him and between classes we headed over to see all the animals! 
My Dad and Emeri had a great time chasing and checking out all the animals while Kyler and I followed behind! : ) 

Sneaking up on the sleeping ducks!
"Grandpa they woke up!"

Chasing the birds!

Checking out the cows!
Right after this that brown cow picked up her head to say hello and knocked Emeri right off the fence! 
Needless to say she was not getting back up on the fence and she was ready to move on from the cows!

Watching them feed a lamb!

Asking Grandpa about the chickens!

Watching the bunnies! 

Kyler just chilaxin in the stroller! : )  

He's such a trooper ! Always putting up with all of his sister's adventures!

On our way out!

If you hadn't noticed yet Emeri has cowgirl boots on in these pictures!
She got them a couple weeks ago and they are the only shoes she will wear right now! 
She LOVES them and they just so happened to be very appropriate for our trip to Wheeler Farm! 
I love my little cowgirl! : ) 

Thanks Dad for spending the afternoon with us!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Working Out With Aunt Alex

My older sister has been working her booty off
 to be more healthy and because she going to Hawaii soon! 
I'm JEALOUS! : )  

Well, we were at her house the other day while she was working it!
Sammy and Emeri HAD to joined her!
It was very entertaining and cute! : ) 

Jumping Jacks

Push Ups

Swats With Weights 
Emeri and Sammy have cans for their weights!

Aren't they the cutest? 
And isn't my sister looking awesome?

After watching her workout with these two I realized how possible it would be to workout at home with the kiddos! I go to the gym in the evenings and pay way too much for a membership, maybe I should reconsider that membership when it's up next! Emeri and I can have a workout party time each morning! hahaha On the other hand I would miss my Zumba! 

PS I'm working on catching up from these past couple slow weeks!
I have a feeling this coming week on the blog is going to be good! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Six Months

Yeah I know this is almost a month over due!...

Kyler turned half a year old on April 11th!
Hold up... rewind... can you believe my baby is already half way to his first birthday???
Isn't that NUTS?

At his check up he weighed in at 17 pounds 13 ounces 
and is coming in at 27 inches tall
His weight, length, and head are all right around the 70th percentile! So his BMI is almost exactly in the 50th percentile! 
Apparently he is very proportionate! : )
He had to get 2 shots!
He didn't even notice the first one, but after the second poke we got tears!
Tough guy! 

Here's what Kyler has been up too at 6 months (almost 7):

At 6 months he had his two bottom teeth NOW his two top teeth are so close to coming in too and torturing the poor kid! : ( 

This picture crakes me up!

Hates tummy time with a passion!
At 6 months he couldn't roll over NOW he can roll over from his tummy to his back, but I don't think he will ever roll from his back to his tummy or ever crawl that's how much he hates being on his tummy!

He gave up on holding his head up and laid down!

And the screaming begins! 

: ) 

His stomach problems are doing somewhat better! I can now eat some dairy and soy, but I can't eat too much or it upsets his tummy still!

Emeri and Riot connected every baby toy in Kyler's bucket to his playmate! 
He was a bit overstimulated! : ) 

He devours baby food! He loves rice cereal and any fruit out there, but he is not a fan of his veggies! Yet! And oatmeal upsets his tummy so we wont be moving on from the rice for a long time if ever! (This kid has the most sensitive belly ever!)

Concentrating really hard to pick up his snack!

He's started to mimic us and it's hilarious! If we shake our head he'll shake his back, if we blow raspberries he will blow raspberries back, and he will stick his tongue out at us if we stick ours out at him! Of course he wont do any of this when we want to show anyone or if we get the camera out! Typical kid! : ) 

Most days he is a HUGE stinker when it comes to nap time! (And on a rare occasion he an angel for naps! I don't get it!) I have tried everything with this kid and nothing works! Thankfully he is a good night sleeper! (I know some of you are thinking "Let him cry it out! It's so hard, but so worth it..." believe me I have tried! He will just scream for hours and hours and he never goes to sleep! I don't know what else to try with this kid! I'm just counting my blessings that most nights he sleeps really well!)

Oh and he takes really good naps in the car, but as soon as we get out he wakes up immediately! 

Check out those cheeks! 

He can sit up like a champ now! Sometime his head gets really heavy and he face plants it, but he's getting better and better at holding up his huge noggin everyday! : )

He is starting to talk more and more everyday and I love the little conversations he has with us! 

His favorite person even more than me lately is Emeri! He just loves his older sister so much! It's so cute to see him light up when she walks into the room! And Emeri loves him just as much! I love listening to her talk to her brother! It's so fun watching them interact! 

I feel as if Kyler is quickly transforming into a little boy! The baby in him is going away too fast! : ( 
I love this little guy so much! I'm so lucky to have such amazing kiddos!