Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Daddy!" (or Matt Damon?)

We have been watching the Bourne series working our way up to going to the Bourne Legacy!
We have the Bourne Supremacy at our house right now and Emeri carries the case around all the time!
Why you ask?... 
Well, because she thinks Matt Damon (sexy) looks like Braeden (sexy)!
She carries it around, points at Matt Damon, and says, "Daddy!"
I could put the case away, but I think it's cute and well.. hilarious!: ) 
I can see why she thinks this! 
What about you?

The picture on the case...

Some side by sides...
(Just in case you are wondering Matt Damon is on the left and Braeden is on the right!) ;)


Speechless sunglasses look...


So what do you think?...
Braeden does look a bit like Matt Damon doesn't he?
I can see why she thinks it's "Daddy" on the case! : ) 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just Visiting a Farm

We have "connections" to a little farm! : ) 
Emeri was so excited to head down and visit the animals especially the horses! She signed horse the whole 35 minutes we were in the car! 
There were horses, quarter horses, a burro (small donkey), alpacas, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and bunnies! 
Emeri was in heaven! 

Emeri would pet most of the animals, but there was no way she was sitting on them! 

Riot was brave for about a second and sat on the alpaca! 

All the horses we excited for the corn! Look at them all lined up!

Feeding the chickens and turkeys! 

Emeri feed them one kernel at a time! : )

Then she feed the little horses and

the big horses! 

She did so well around all the animals! She wasn't a huge fan of the goats and when the horses would sniff her head, but other than those two things she loved petting and feeding all the animals! 
I'm glad we were able to go visit the little farm! 
Thanks Annie!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Silly Faces

I received these pictures from Annie the other day! 
They made me laugh! 
Emeri is such a silly girl! 
I don't know what I would do without her she makes my day everyday!


Look what Emeri got into...
She was very proud of the job she did! : ) 
She kept telling me "Me Pretty!" 
She was very upset when I took it away and cleaned off her face! 
Oh the joys of trying to keep everything out of her reach!

(Yes Braedens still sleeps with his Ninja Turtle pillow case. He wont let me put anything else on it!) 

Stroller Races

It was so nice out Wednesday morning! 
It was cool out and reminded me of fall and made me look forward to fall even more than I already am! 
Since it was such a nice morning we went on a nice walk! Then Emeri participated in some stroller races!
While I sat down for a minute because I was having contractions! : ) 

Please make sure and notice that bed head! : ) 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Water Baby

We went swimming with Emeri's Grandma and Grandpa last weekend!
Emeri had a great time playing with Grandma in the water and playing peek-a-boo with Grandpa out of the water! 

I'm pretty sure everyone was finished hours before Emeri was, but everyone stuck around to play with this water baby!
She is a little fish and can spend hours and hours in the pool! 

I love this smile! 

Grandpa Brad being a "princess!" : ) 

Taking a quick break to eat some grapes! 

Emeri's Uncle Austin works at the T-ville pool so Emeri and Braeden broke the rules and went down the slide together! Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Emeri discovered that she could walk herself along the wall with her hands all by herself! If we tried to help her or touch her she would yell at us! 
She is too independent at times! : ) 

When Emeri finally gave in to the towel, because she was shivering like crazy! : ) 
She wouldn't look at anyone and everyone was cracking up at her!

Thanks for going swimming with us Grandpa Brad and Grandma Val! We had a great time and I hope you did too! : ) 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Brigham City Temple

Our friends Annie and Riot invited Emeri and I to go with them to the open house for the Brigham City Temple, so we woke up early and drove for a bit to see the newest temple inside and out!

 Emeri and Riot just being too cute! 

When you walk into the temple you must put plastic booties over your shoes to keep it clean! Emeri was no exception to the rule! 
and she actually kind of liked them! : ) 

I didn't take any pictures inside (for obvious reasons), but it's gorgeous!
 I love temples and how beautiful they are! : )

While you walk through the temple there is a reverence if you need to talk you whisper to try and take in the spirit that the temple has and out of respect for The Lords house! 
However, an almost 2 year old doesn't quite understand this! : ) 
As we walked through there were lots of users to let us now where to go and to answer any questions that we might have well... every time Emeri saw an user she would say, in a not so quite voice, "Hi! How's it goin?" and when we walked by the baptismal fount I showed Emeri the oxen around it and she mooed very loud! : ) 
It was very cute and innocent!
 She loved seeing all the pictures of Jesus and She also loved the chandeliers! She kept asking for more!
It was a great experience and I'm glad I took Emeri! Even though she doesn't understand what a temple is I think she could tell that we were in a special and important place! 

After the tour...
Emeri booking it to the water fountain!  

She found it! 

This girl and water...!
 At one point, when I wasn't paying my full attention to her, she was on top of the edge of the fountain ready to get in and swim! One second later and she would have been in up to her waist in nice cool fountain water! hahaha! 

Thanks for inviting us Annie! What a great/special time! 

Hanging Out With My Sis

My sister and her kids came up earlier this week to hangout for the first time this summer! 
Last summer they came up several times, but since the pool was closed for half the summer and we were both gone here and there on vacation it didn't workout for them to come up before this week!
I'm really glad we found a time because her kiddos started school on Wednesday so our window of opportunity wasn't very big! : ) 

We played in the pool first thing when they got here! 
Emeri was upset because I wouldn't let her go in the hot tub that's why she is screaming in these pictures! 
(and it was nap time)

Sam was hilarious when it came to Emeri and baby Aden getting close to the pool!
If either of them got anywhere near the side of the pool she was right there freaking out!
She is such a little paranoid mother! 
I love it!
This is what she did to Emeri all morning as Emeri walked around the pool Sam held on to her swimming suite so she wouldn't fall in! 
Emeri did not appreciate this for the most part, but it was pretty cute that Sam was so worried about the little ones!

Look at this attitude!

After the pool it was nap time for the little ones and movie time for the older ones!

Then we decorated cookie pops with glittery frosting and sprinkles when the little ones woke up! 
They were delicious! 
(cookies on a stick) 

I love hanging out with my sister and her kids! I wish we lived closer and our schedules weren't so crazy so we could do it more often! : (
I'm really glad they got up here this summer so we could play in the pool and just hangout!
LOVE YOU Alex! : )
I'm so grateful I have such awesome sisters! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Too Good

Emeri changing Curious George all by herself!

When the Baby Boy gets here she is going to be the best little helper... maybe too good of a helper! : ) 
But I'll take it! : ) 
Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen??? Seriously! 

32 weeks

32 weeks...
  • Baby boy is weighing in at 4lbs 8oz give or take 5oz!
Look at this cute, chubby face! 

  • Emeri is catching on more and more to what is going on!
  • She now says, "mom's baby" and points to my belly and then says, "me baby" and points to hers!
Emeri ready for her ultrasound! 
(This is what she did when we set her on the chair at the doctors office!) : ) 

  • She gives the baby hugs, kisses, and loves poking my belly button!?
  • Nesting is out of control we have a living room full of boxes ready to go to storage!
  • Emeri's and baby's closet it getting closer to being ready! So little space!
  • These headaches are out of control too! I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of them! My prescription is no longer working! : ( 
  • Hips are feeling better! 
  • Working out is officially over as of about a month ago! My body screamed at me every time I got home from the gym so I finally listened and stopped going! 
  • We still try to go on walks when it's not crazy hot outside!
  • The swimming pool is my favorite place to hangout!
  • Life is good!

I saved the best part for last...
Check out this smily picture of Baby Boy...

Oh how I love him!

Blue Lemon

We headed downtown to City Creek to meet up with one of my college roomies for dinner!

We went here... It was scrumptious!
It was all fresh yummy food! 
I highly recommend it! You get full without feeling yucky!
Just good food!

After dinner we had to go say "hello" to the horses across the street...

play in the water fountain...

and find the fish!

Then we were off to make funny faces in the mirrors and... 

ride the stuffed animal horses at the Disney Store! 

Good time!
Love you "Ookie!" : ) Thanks for spending the evening with us!
 : ) 

Tina, Cameron, and Tucker we missed you very much!
We love you guys!