Thursday, December 15, 2011

Braeden's Graduation!

Braeden graduated from Weber State University on December 9th with a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations and Marketing! He wasn't so sure he wanted to go to his on graduation... but with some convincing he went and walk and I think he's glad he did! : ) I'm so proud of him and so grateful that my husband is such a hard worker! It's not easy working full time, supporting your family, being a great dad and husband, going to school full time, and finding time to play some basketball here and there! He really is incredible and such a good example to everyone around him! I'm one lucky lady! : ) Thanks to everyone that came and cheered Braeden on as they called his name and walked across the stage! 

He's in there somewhere! 

This is a good picture of our little family, but look at Emeri's pig tails aren't they the cutest! : ) 

Proud Mom and Dad! 

Showing off the goods! 
   NOW WHAT you ask?  In May he is going to start his Masters Degree at Weber State (pending on getting excepted into the program, things are looking very promising)! I'm so excited that Braeden has the next semester off before he starts working on his Masters, but I'm excited for this next chapter in our lives as well! It's just one adventure after another! : ) 

Emeri Sillies!

Emeri has started a new thing lately! Her new favorite thing to do is put on my keys (or any other lanyard she can find) and a purse! She puts them on the first thing in the morning, crawls around with them all day (that's right she still isn't walking) and if there is a grocery bag around she will put that on too! It's seriously the cutest thing! 

She has everything on while helping me with laundry! 

Ready to go grocery shopping! 

Having so much fun!

Love that face! 

Yeah!! What??

Oh my word I love this girl!!! Here's a picture of the other silly thing she as started doing... 
...Looking at you through her legs! How can you not smile and this?