Monday, October 7, 2013

Emma's Birthday (Aug 20th)

 My niece Emma turned 5 and wanted to have a water party!
 Water fights in my family are not something we do lightly! What I mean is you might as well have got in the shower with your clothes on! : ) 
Thankfully we were outside for this one! 
Many of times growing up we have full on huge water fights in the house!

Here's a bunch of action shots during the fight:

 Emeri and Sammy taking a break from the water fight!

On another note:
Kyler loved the swing! 
You can't really tell by the look on his face in these picture (well and because they are blurry) but he was loving it! 
Every other time I have pushed him on the swing he freaks out at the slightest push! 

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