Monday, October 7, 2013

Sick (Aug 26th)

It was Braeden's first day at his new job and I was feeling really sick!
(If it wasn't his first day I would have asked him to stay home!)
On top of not feeling well I also had to take Kyler into the doctor which meant I had to find a doctor here that was covered by our insurance without the internet because it wasn't hooked up yet (not easy! Thank goodness for the internet!) and Emeri was being a little stink because she was having a hard time adjusting with the move!... 
I was counting down the minutes until Braeden got home from work and I could just go to bed and not have to be mom anymore! 
But when I talked to him at lunch he told me that he was also feeling super sick too and would have come home if it wasn't his first day! : ( 
No relief! : ( 
It was an all around no good very bad day!

But despite Emeri being a little stink she did come snuggle me and take care of me so I could rest while Kyler was napping! 
She can be the sweetest thing and just what I need sometimes! : ) 

We wont talk about the other times! : ) 

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